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Breath of Flame by Deadeyes

Rated: G •
Summary: Oct has witnessed death far too many time. She didn't want to see it again. As a Predacon, she feels the need to prove herself to every one. Until she met a white and red Predacon dragon named Swiftflame, who changes her view of everything. The silver and black spider has changed in a way that might just destroy Beast Wars forever....

Dark Racer by Deadeyes

Rated: G •
Summary: Nighteyes arrived on Earth shortly after Optimus Prime had killed Lockdown. She met up with Optimus and he told her to protect the Yeager family and a fiery teenager named Catara Laneswing. She went under cover as the teenager's car. The 19 year old was actually the legendary underground racer know as "Dark Racer". The Autobot discovers that one Decepticon named Quickburn, survived Chiacago and was in hiding. He took part in the race and Nighteyes had to reveal herself to the racer to defeat the Decepticon, who fled. She told the teenager everything and after the race, she located the others and told Optimus that some of the Decepticons survived the battle. They realized that Galvatron had the Decepticons under his control. Nighteyes watched as her companions were defeated one by one and she knew the fate of Earth laid on her shoulders. The Russian accented Autobot knows what will happen if she lost and she won't let it happen.

Rise of Galvatron by Deadeyes

Rated: G •

Optimus has returned to earth, finished with what he needed to do. He has discovered that another Legendary Knight is still alive: A large set female with black metal and a sword and spear. She and her crew of new Autobots have joined Optimus and his crew. She has brought a new medic and weapons specialist. Titanius, the new and quite stubborn medic, Bull, the huge Autobot with a sort of deer skull like head and only his fists do the fighting, Dreads, the gun-crazy weapons specalist, and Nightfall, the Knight. Their fights may tear their trust in each other apart rather quickly.

The Assignment by Deadeyes

Rated: G •

Pase was another curious new spark. She was fasinated with life, but mostly death. She was interested with assassinations. She a contract with Megatron and she then assassinated an Autobot named Lingerbolt. She was then approached by a bounty hunter named Deathstrike. The bounty hunter/assassin offered her a partnership. He left out that if she failed any of her missons, his hirers would kill her. She accepted, not knowing this. Her life could end at any moment, but Pase is going to make the most of her job.

The Unexpected by Deadeyes

Rated: G •

Blacksky was a special Predacon. She had the ability to speak in her beast mode, but she was considered a mindless beast. As usual. She was made to hunt. She was made to kill.

She's always been told that until she met Corpus, the cousin of Shockwave. Corpus showed her that she didn't have to be a mindless beast as the always said she would. Something sparked between a Cybertronian Mech and a Predacon femme, and it must just be love.