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Ladies Night by Guardinthena


Prequel to Predicament: In which, Carly Spencer and Alicean Witwicky are invited to lunch with New York socialite Astoria Cartlon-Ritz, and Alicean is drawn into one of Astoria's crazy plans to discover if Cybertronians have the toys that keep the ladies up all night. Or rather, that one time Alicean betrayed the Autobots for silly reasons.

Rated: Adult [ - ]
Category: Generation One
Characters: Carly Witwicky (G1), Sideswipe (G1,G2,Alt,TFU), Sunstreaker (G1,TFU)
Genre: Comedy
Location: Library
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No
Words: 17549 Hits: 103
Published: 22/07/22 Updated: 02/09/22

1. Chapter 1 by Guardinthena [ - ] (17549 words)

I am so excited to finally get this novella published. It began as about a 1,200 word rough draft and stayed that way for nearly two years. For the last week it finally expanded into this humorous piece. Thank you to everyone who decided to check this out, and please, bear with the ladies till the end of this first chapter. It is worth the laughs. If you enjoyed this, please consider giving it a favorite and a review, it is greatly appreciated! XD