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00: A Gift From Above by Phoenixfire90


This is an updated version of my original fan-fic that I took down due to it no longer fitting in with the 07 Movie/RotF/DotM story. This is a prequel to 1: Mind of a Leader and takes place in the comics Foundation, Defiance and 07 Movie prequel.

Not long after the Allspark was found, Optimus and Ariel are married and expecting Sparklings, but with Sentinel Prime retiring as Leader and Megatron's growing jealously. Which is more important to Optimus? Duty or family?

Rated: G [ - ]
Category: Origins, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Transformers 2007 Movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie
Characters: Arcee (G1,TFU), Ariel Pax, Blackfire, Bumblebee (G1,G2) - aka Goldbug, Draco Prime, Havana, Ironhide (G1,G2,Transformers Movie 2007), Jazz (G1,G2), Megatron (G1,G2,MW), Optimus Prime (G1,G2,MW,RM,TFU, Transformers Movie 2007), Perceptor (Armada,Energon), Phoenixfire Prime, Prowl (G1,MW), Rakatan, Sideswipe (G1,G2,Alt,TFU), Skywarp (G1,MW), Soundwave (G1,G2), Starscream (G1,G2,BW,MW,RM), Thundercracker (G1,MW), Ultra Magnus (G1,TFU), Wheeljack (G1, Alt), Whitefire
Genre: Drama, Romance and Adventure
Location: Library
Series: My Movie Series
Chapters: 6 Completed: No
Words: 8676 Hits: 4920
Published: 07/09/11 Updated: 08/02/12

Story Notes:

This is my theory about pregnancy and transformers from the Movie series, which I've been trying to find out for some time. I came to the conclusion that a female robot holds her children in the Spark Chamber, think of it as a womb at either side of the Spark Chamber. The female builds the metal body inside her along with the spark and she carrys it for 4 to 5 months.

But in the G1 series this is different.....

Also Hatchlings and Sparklings are two very different types of babies and are created differently.

1. Prologue; A Dawning Of A New Era On Cybertron by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (542 words)

2. Chapter 1, The Waiting Parents by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1738 words)

I should say that this is a long chapter.

Oh and for those who read my original version of this fan-fic (which I took down due to it no longer fitting in with the 07 Movie/RotF/DotM story) you may remember some of the lines from it's first chapter in this updated chapter version.

3. Chapter 2, Cybertron Unification Day by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1412 words)

4. Chapter 3, The Birth Of Phoenixfire and Draco by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1516 words)

5. Chapter 4, Sparklings Of Optimus by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1899 words)

6. Chapter 5, Check-ups and First Steps by Phoenixfire90 [ - ] (1569 words)