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A Shadow Prologue: Soundwave by Srenton

Summary: On the makeshift base of Charr, rationality finds response to a leader's madness.
Rated: G [ - ] starstarstarstar
Category: Generation One
Characters: Astrotrain (G1), Buzzsaw (G1), Cyclonus (G1), Frenzy (G1,G2), Galvatron (G1), Hook (G1,G2), Laserbeak (G1), Motormaster (G1), Ratbat (G1), Ravage (G1,BW,BT), Rumble (G1), Scourge (G1), Scrapper (G1,G2), Shockwave (G1), Soundwave (G1,G2)
Genre: Drama
Location: Library
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Words: 5103 Hits: 1034
Published: 21/09/08 Updated: 22/09/08

Story Notes: I recently found this story that I wrote a long time ago--it was intended to be the first bit of a big epic, but that part never came through. It stands on its own well enough though. Hope you like it.

1. A Shadow Prologue: Soundwave by Srenton [ - ] starstarstarstar (5103 words)