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Ironhide (Spychanger) by Dirge

Summary: A nice homage to G1 Trailbreaker, sullied slightly by the lazy Hasbro marketing choice of calling the mould Ironhide _again_. This mould is way overused, but that doesn't stop the vehicle mode from looking really good. The robot mode isn't as nice - the h
Rated: G [ - ]
Category: Transformers: Universe
Characters: Ironhide (G1,G2,Transformers Movie 2007), Trailbreaker (G1)
Genre: Toy Review
Location: Library
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
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Published: 26/03/04 Updated: 26/03/04

1. Ironhide (Spychanger) by Dirge [ - ] (796 words)