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Genre: Essay


'Unicron's Creation' Theory (G1) by WebWrecker2k2

Rated: G • starhalf-star
Summary: My Theory on how, why, & when Unicron, the 'Choas Bringer', was created. This essay is about the Generation One Unicron, not the Armada (or the rebuilt Energon) alternate reality entity. Enjoy.

A Better Breed Of Hero by Raksha

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star Feature
Summary: A hero may be someone who swoops to your rescue when you're in trouble - but a better breed of hero is someone who inspires you to stand up and fight for yourself.

A Comprehensive Tech Spec Table Is In Order by tjinkai

Rated: G • half-star
Summary: There is a need for a more informative and realistic set of technical specification attribute tables. The present range of 1-10 for the various attributes is seriously inadequate.

A Meaning of Friendship by Liana_Bluestar

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: My thoughts on friendship and what it takes to be a friend. Author's note: This was written over three years ago so if some things seem a little off, that's why. ;)

A Meaning of Friendship by Liana_Bluestar

Rated: G •
Summary: A quick look at how I feel about friendship. Please note the date it was written in the essay.

A Most Underrated Leader: Galvatron, a Legends' Children Perspective by Liana_Bluestar

Rated: G •
Summary: My thoughts and possible rant against the abuse Galvatron gets hurled upon him. In other words, why I now like this Decepticon a LOT. Author's note: Written in 2001. Forgive me if it seems off.

A Rejected Hero by Tut

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Tut defends the Decepticons' most powerful adversary -- Optimus Prime.

A Season In Hell by Raksha

Rated: G • starstarstar
Summary: Raksha's review of the first season of Beast Wars. She hated it!

A simple conversation by Firestorm

Rated: G •
Summary: ...wherein I explain the fate of Robots In Disguise: Conquest.

A Transformers Interview by Raksha

Rated: G • starhalf-star
Summary: Raksha writes about her thoughts on over 13 years of Transformer fandom.

A.T.T.: Disharmony, Politics And Chaos by Steven_Acevedo

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: A despairing essay on the state of the newsgroup alt.toys.transformers.

Alexis - A Jab at the Feminists or Something Else Entirely? by Firestorm

Rated: G • starstarhalf-star
Summary: Commentary from a conservative Transfan regarding an up-and-coming character.

Another Lifetime by Raksha

Rated: G • starstarstarstar Feature
Summary: Raksha's experience of playing Soundwave on the MUSHes (online role playing games).

Another Transformers Movie: The Pros And Cons by Steven_Acevedo

Rated: G • starstarstar
Summary: There's been talk of another Transformers (tm) movie. Steven examines the pros and cons.

Answering the Call - A Reverie by Vindicator

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: A Decepticon fans musings on the conflict between Megatrons personal ambition and sense of duty leads to an examination of the relation of conscious to ones place in the scheme of things.

Approaching Transformers On A High Brow Level by Steven_Acevedo

Rated: G • starstarstar
Summary: An observation of the fandom that sees The Transformers as something more. WARNING: The opinions expressed in this editorial do not necessarily reflect the TF community at large. You read at your risk!

Arcee: Token Female Makes Good by Velvet_Glove

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: A look into how successful the only recurring G1 female transformer really was.

Bad Storytelling by Talon

Rated: G • starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: An essay on what happened to the last season of Beast Wars and why it failed.

Barricade Surprise by Sideways

Rated: G •
Summary: When Sam takes a late night walk, he never suspected this to happen. Well, at least he's not alone in that statement; neither had Barricade. Friends will be made. Lives will be changed forever. Decepticon-centric.

Beast Machines Stryka: Dumb Name, Minty Fresh Character by Pitten

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: A short, informal essay on how Stryka may very well be what Transformer fans have been waiting for in a female character all this time.

Beast Machines: My Thoughts by Steven_Acevedo

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: Steven Acevedo gives his first impressions of the Beast Machines cartoon.

Being A Transformers Fan: The Good, The Bad And The Very Ugly by Steven_Acevedo

Rated: G • starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: The Pros and Cons of being a Transformers fan from someone who has weathered the changes over two decades.

Blaster Comments On The Music Industry by Steven_Acevedo

Rated: G • star
Summary: Autobot Blaster thinks what is being done to Internet Radio is the pits. So he decides to write a report about it.

Bluestreak by Scott_Kampa

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: Is Bluestreak really blue? What kind of Transformer is he anyway?

BotCon 2000: Why It Was Worth Going To Even If It Sounded Like We Didn't Have Much Fun by Liana_Bluestar

Rated: G •
Summary: My defense of my first BotCon. Read the report on my site. You'll understand why. ;)