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Tracks (G1,Alt)


A Life of My Own Choosing by Velvet_Glove

Rated: G •
Summary: 2002: Jazz, Tracks, Springer and Hot Rod follow the Combaticons to a distant planet, where they get entangled in slave-trafficking.

Built For It by GraySeeker

Rated: Adult • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Tracks gets a late-night visit from a reluctant Prime, which leads to confessions... and more. Tracks/Rodimus. Gets steamy, so proceed with caution... or not! ;-)

Emirate Xaaron by Dirge

Rated: G •
Summary: A TF:Universe style profile for the yellow Binaltech Tracks, as the classic Marvel comics character, Emirate Xaaron.

Jack Chick vs. The Transformers by Firestorm

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: The infamous tract author goes head-to-head with Prime and the others. Not for those who are sensitive about anything in regards to religion.

Only Skin Deep by JazzBot

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Think you know everything about Tracks? Bet you didnt know all this...

The Wrong Side of Tracks by GraySeeker

Rated: G •
Summary: Tracks takes a flight down memory lane in search of an errant Prime, and finds his past (and Rodimus) full of surprises. Tracks/Rodimus, Arcee/Springer (mentioned).

Three Courageous Sweeps by Sheba

Rated: G •
Summary: Sheba and the Transformers pay a visit to Mysticor on Etheria for the Annual Trickster Competition.  They find out the hard way that the tricks aren't always what they seem...and some of the contestants are more than meets the eye!

Tracks by Dirge

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: I'm a big fan of Tracks. All the modes look great, the simple fact he _has_ an attack mode is a plus. He has the detail you'd expect of the era, with rubber tyres and die cast to boot.

Tracks (Actionmaster) by Dirge

Rated: G •
Summary: On it's own, this is quite a nice Actionmaster. The colours work and the overall look is quite nice. It's still Tracks despite some major changes from his original look. While Basher is a waste of plastic, if you're a fan of Tracks you'll probably like th

Tracks (Binaltech) by Dirge

Rated: G •
Summary: A good car mode that manages to outdo the attention to detail of previous Binaltech vehicles is brought back to the pack by some robot kibble and the yellow colour. The robot mode is exceptional - it _really_ portrays Tracks despite colours that belong on

Transformers: Restoration Mini-Series (Part 1 of 10) by Grandpa Ace

Rated: G •
Summary: The year is 2015. Finally, after eons of struggle, the Autobots have found a glimmer of peace. But this calm hiatus will soon be shattered as a mysterious force begins their hunt for the sparks of Unicron and Primus. Set in the G1 cartoon continuity.