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Springer (G1)


Code of Honour by Crystine

Rated: G •
Summary: Heroic Decepticons AU. Thundercracker sets the record straight about events from his past while awaiting rescue on an asteroid.

Cybertron Remixed by Iacon

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: It is the year 1996. After twelve years of deadlocked battle on Earth, the stagnant balance of power is suddenly upset as the earthbound Autobots return home. Shockwave has found an abundant Energon source and forged peace on his own terms. The energy shortage has ended, but the war has only just begun...

Feral Rage by Sheba

Rated: G •
Summary: Scourge acquires a strange affliction that may prove disastrous to the Decepticons

Mine Is Not To Reason Why by Velvet_Glove

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: While Optimus Prime and Co are taking a four million year nap, the Autobots left behind on Cybertron are growing desperate...

Return of the Dweller by Sheba

Rated: G •
Summary: The Dweller in the Depths is a monstrous energy leech that was once launched from Cybertron by ejecting a power core into space.  It landed on a small Quintesson vessel and absorbed its energy, setting it adrift.  Now the ship and its deadly occupant have drifted back towards Cybertron, being pulled into its gravity.  Now Sheba has to figure out how to defeat the creature before it destroys them all.

based on, and a continuation of, the Transformers G1 Season 3 episode "The Dweller In The Depths" (which was written by Paul Dini).  Takes place in the Big Capture Of 1999/2006 fanfic series where Sheba is Starscream's Guardian Force and a very capable magic user.

Soldiers First by Velvet_Glove

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: While Rodimus Prime journeys into the Matrix, Springer and Arcee struggle to reconcile their relationship with the newly re-started war (set during Five Faces of Darkness).

Soldiers in Waiting by Velvet_Glove

Rated: G •
Summary: 2005: As the Autobots prepare an attempt to reclaim Cybertron, the ones left in Autobot City come to terms with their place in the War effort.

Spring Forward, Leap Back by Meeps

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Something has gone wrong with the Transformer Timeline. Can Sam Beckett leap in and save the day?

Springer by Dirge

Rated: G •
Summary: Springer is easily the most prominent of the Autobot Triple Changers, and most G1 fans will want him simply because he's in the movie. His robot mode has some problems but he has a great colour scheme and cool vehicle modes.

The Farthest One Can Go Is Full Circle by Velvet_Glove

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: While searching for the way back to Cybertron, Springer and Ultra Magnus find themselves drawn into another quest involving faces from their past.

Transformers vs. The Borg by Daylight

Rated: G • starstarstar
Summary: Cybertron is attacked by the Borg. Much silliness ensues as the Autobots try to fend them off and are forced to use their ultimate weapon. Strongly inspired by Babylon 5 vs. The Borg by Kahless.