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Enter the Nightbird? by Crystine

Rated: Adult • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Heroic Decepticons AU. One-shot. The Autobots are called upon to guard Dr Fujiyama's latest invention, but the Decepticons have plans of their own. Warning: not safe for family viewing!

Exit The Nightbird by Aaron_Bourque

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: A sequel of the similarly titled cartoon episode.

Kunoichi: Yet another Essay on Nightbird by GuardiconTeam

Rated: G •
Summary: This ramble is based on my posts on the G1 forum at TFArchive. I write this with thanks to Pandora, Raksha and Skyflight for being pioneers. Check out their essays here on Lexicon.

Propagation of the Species by Raksha

Rated: G •
Summary: Megatron, finally over the loss of Nightbird, decides on a firm commitment to Raksha and proposes that they build a creation together, half Transformer and half Plumed Serpent. The experiment is a success, but Megatron is in for a surprise from his past.....