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Trypticon (G1)


1: A Bond That Can Never Be Broken by Phoenixfire90

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star

During the third cybertronian war, a young drone and a little yellow transformer will form a bond that can never be broken.

Most of this story is told from Bumblebee's point of view.

This is based on the War for Cybertron game out now!!

Birth of a Griffin by Dark Primus, Phoenixfire90

Rated: G •

At the end of "The Phoenix Returns", Phoenixfire died. Find out how she came back to life and the secrets of Project G in this book.

Trypticon by Dirge

Rated: G •
Summary: Better than his opposite, Metroplex, but not as cool as his successor, the larger Scorponok. Trypticon has decent play value, is show accurate and has a fairly good colour scheme.

Unicron Eclipsed by illmatar

Rated: G •
Summary: Scene from Maelstrom fanfict Homecoming. http://illmatar.deviantart.com/