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About Me - A Quick Author Interview by LuanaTF by LuanaTF

Rated: G •
Summary: I introduce myself.

An Interview with JRisindahouse by JRisindahouse

Rated: G •
Summary: An Interview with JRisindahouse aka. Jonny Rockliff

Anton Max's Author Interview by Anton_Max

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: Anton Max writes about Transformers fanfic.

Arceus Prime's Author Interview by Arceus-Prime

Rated: G •
Summary: Arceus Prime talks about writing TF fanfics and the various TF canons.

Artemis Prime's Author Interview by Artemis_Prime

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Artemis writes about her forthcoming fanfics.

Author Interview - Harmony by Harmony

Rated: G •
Summary: My author interview, and a deeper look at the woman behind the 'bot. :)

Author Interview Questionnaire Version 3.0 by painedforever

Rated: G •
Summary: Painedforever's Interview

Author interview, year 7 by Firestorm

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: precisely what it says

Author Interview- Firestorm by Firestorm

Rated: G • starhalf-star
Summary: You ask, I answer. As if.

Belinda Kelly's Author Interview by Belinda_Kelly

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Belinda writes about Transformers fanfic.

Blade Adds Her Two Cents... by Blade

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Blade finally opens up.

Blade Adds Her Two Cents.... by Blade

Rated: G •
Summary: I have written a couple more stories and thought I'd update my interview

Blurr322's Interview-Me! by Blurr322

Rated: G •
Summary: Blurr322 writes about himself.

Bobbi Carother's Author Interview by Bobbi_Carothers

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: Bobbi writes about being a fanfic author.

Chris Mcfeely's Author Interview by Chris_McFeely

Rated: G • starstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Chris writes about Transformers fanfic.

Crazomatic Author Interview by Crazomatic

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Crazomatic dishes out what goes on in that wacky head. What's with all those silly stories?

Darcerin's Author Interview by Darcerin

Rated: G • starstarstar
Summary: Darcerin writes about Transformers fanfic.

Darzoni Interview by dpark063082

Rated: G •
Summary: Questionnaire form filled out by Darzoni.

Dave Van Domelen's Author Interview by Dave_Van_Domelen

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: A new author interview, that replaces the one Dave did in 1998.

Doof's Author Interview by Doof

Rated: G • starstarstarstar
Summary: Doof writes about Transformers fanfic.

Fangwing's Author Interview by fangwing

Rated: G •
Summary: It's pretty self explanatory: Fangwing's author interview! I'm here to stay!

Firestar's Interview by Firestar

Rated: G •
Summary: I introduce myself.

Flamestrike's Author Interview by Flamestrike

Rated: G •

Gabbing Again by Turbo_Magnus

Rated: G •
Summary: Once again I take on the Author Questionnaire, even though some parts are unchanged.

Gabriel Quan's Author Interview by Gabriel_Quan

Rated: G • starstarhalf-star
Summary: Gabriel writes about Transformers fanfic.