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I'm a big TF fan and love writing stories, I love making a crossover of the two for explosive action!

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Stories by BenjaminDJ

Origins: Orion Pax (Part 1) by BenjaminDJ

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star

The time for the uprising of Unicron has come! Transformers Uprising is an action-packed series full of danger for the Autobots, as the last Prime is dead and the Decepticons have left Energon resources almost at level zero. The only hope is an ordinary Autobot data clerk, who might be the one chosen by Primus to become the Autobots' saviour.

Follow Orion Pax in his adventure to find the Matrix of Leadership, and guide his Autobots to victory as their new Prime!

Transformers: Genesis by BenjaminDJ, Verno

Rated: G •

Orion Pax is an ordinary Autobot data clerk, until one day the fate of all the Autobots changes when he is chosen for the mission to search for the Matrix of Leadership. Who will become the next Prime and save Cybertron from Megatron's reign of terror?

An exciting action-adventure thriller, the origins of the greatest Prime of all time are revealed in this Transformers series!

Transformers: Search for the Matrix (#1) by BenjaminDJ

Rated: G •
Summary: When a small info chip turns out to hold much more powerful information than meets the eye, it's up to Jazz to find the spark-transformer that will give the Autobots the slightest hope of winning the war!