NAME: Harrier
ALLEGIANCE: Decepticon
SUB-GROUP: Phoenix Corps
FUNCTION: Tracker/Second-in-command/Navigator

MOTTO: "There they go! TALLY-HO!"

Harrier considers himself to be a gentleman--a sort of Decepticon knight. He believes that he is the intellectual superior of most other Decepticons, especially Chopper, but his loyalty to the squadron is beyond reproach. Harrier holds fiercely to his own brand of honour and, since Tempest took him in when he had nowhere to go, he would never consider challenging her role as leader.

Harrier considered Phoenix Corps' previous activities as a pirate gang to be beneath his dignity. He is much happier as an elite Decepticon soldier, but perhaps if circumstances had been different, Harrier might never have become a warrior at all. He prefers intellectual pursuits and hunting to waging battle. However, in his youth, Harrier lost most of his community in an Autobot attack. The Autobots had mistaken Harrier¹s home for an actively hostile Decepticon base, but this mistake meant little to the young Harrier who was suddenly homeless and alone. Harrier has no particular thirst for vengeance--his quest is for security, something he feels he cannot have as long as the Cybertronian wars rage, and for a place to belong, which he has found in Tempest's unit.

Harrier is a master tracker and his persistence is unequalled.
Harrier's two faults include a blind stubbornness to pursue his quarry at any cost, and an occasional heedlessness to how well-armed his prey might be once he finally runs it to earth. Harrier has remarkable endurance and possesses an easy-going and charming personality. By his manners, he could easily pass himself off as an Autobot. He takes no delight in killing, but has no qualms in finishing a mission--in fact, he prides himself on his thoroughness.

Although Harrier is a notorious libertine and ladies' bot, underneath his roguish facade is an unrequited love for Tempest. He would drop anything--even his dream to retire in luxury--to be with her.


Harrier transforms into a jump-jet with vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. He works well with the light helicopter Chopper--if he can get Chopper to listen to him. While not as fast as Tempest, Harrier has remarkable endurance. He carries a null-ray, a laser sniper rifle, and a laser dagger, as well as several missiles.


Harrier's sense of honour can be a handicap. He dislikes taking unfair advantage, such as firing upon unsuspecting targets, but will do so if ordered to. More seriously, when he is on the trail of his quarry, almost nothing can divert his attention. He will chase a target to the end of his own fuel...which, fortunately for him, almost always lasts longer than his prey's.


"Total Surrender" by Stan Bush


Again, originally an attempt to do something a little unusual and create an aristocratic Decepticon. Although Harrier started out as a somewhat comical caricature, it amazed me how much depth this character actually has. Under his superficial exterior is a passionate, caring and intelligent individual who's also got a bit of a tragic side.

The End

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