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MTMTE (SG) - Decepticon Rescue Division (DRD) by LuanaTF

Summary: Wherever life gets difficult for Decepticons, the DRD (Decepticon Rescue Division) comes to the rescue.
Rated: G [ - ]
Category: Shattered Glass, Generation One
Characters: None
Genre: Drama, Mirrorverse, Romance and Adventure
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Published: 15/05/17 Updated: 27/05/17

Story Notes:

This little piece of fanfiction sparks from the feelings I have for certain MTMTE characters who didn't get a redemption arc, so I thought of giving them one in the Shattered Glass AU (not a real "redemption arc", but it helps me cope with my own feelings anyway).

Hope you like these DRD guys, but even if you don't, please keep the comments civil. I won't be accepting words that vilify me as a human just because I have a soft spot for these characters.

NOTE: usually Transformers can cry in my stories/imagination. So they can shed tears in this. Please keep in mind that these are my SG versions of the DJD, and they're pretty much a fan's interpretation combined with other elements I invented myself, so there's only so much canon in it.

a45; DRD is my SG version of the DJD (Decepticon Justice Division) from Transformers: More Than Meet The Eye comic, written by James Roberts.
a45; I don't own Transformers and this is only a fan story. Transformers (c) Hasbro/Takara/IDW.
a45; Crack, Darkmoon and Stopcase are original characters from my work Rolamaton, The Robocity that I recycled as OC Transformers for this story.
a45; Paristia-City is also borrowed from my sister work to Rolamaton, that is Planet Electronia.

1. Chapter 1 by LuanaTF [ - ] (1102 words)