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What is it like to view the war from practically a bystander; someone who wasn't some powerful political figure or war hero, but a borderline rogue in fact? What if we saw this whole battle through a fly-on-the-wall's point of view? This story follows our fly-on-the-wall Blackcat, a Cybertronian that was born and raised on Earth. He played no major or mentionable role throughout the whole war effort, and made no real impact on how it ends. But following this simple character throughout this story gives an insight into the many different faces of this war that most don't even know exists. Where the Autobots and Decepticons took center stage in this event, this story reveals what happened behind the scenes. Commanders, soldiers, rogues, refugees and dark forces of a new kind; Blackcat has met them all. For being a character more suited for the background role, he's seen and done a lot.
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