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A spark-wrenching betrayal threatens the stability of the Autobots. Against the maddening chaos Lennox, Arcee, and Bumblebee keep watch over a dying sparkling—the unwanted offspring of Megatron and Optimus and the latest casualty in a never-ending war. Megatron/Optimus implied. Slash, mpreg.

Categories: Transformers 2007 Movie, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie
Characters: Watchstar
Genre: Drama
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 04/09/11 - Last Updated: 06/09/11
Story Notes:

My knowledge of the Transformers universe is next to nothing aside from the movies, a few episodes of Transformers: Prime, and what I've read in fanfiction. Arcee's design in this is based off the Transformers:Prime version. Everything else, including the continuity is based on the movieverse. And even then, I think I managed to mess that up. I also made a ton of stuff up regarding Cybertronian culture and how sparklings are created. It's my first transformers fic and I'm very open to criticism but please be constructive. Thank you :)

Takes place some time after Revenge of the Fallen. Events of Dark of the Moon have not happened.

1. Chapter 1 by eisee does it [Reviews - 0] (9981 words)