Author's Chapter Notes:

Wreck-Gar and Nancy, what an odd couple.

As every TF fan knows Wreck-Gar is the Leader of the Junkions who in turn live on the Planet of Junk (I bet it smells).

This is what it says about him on TF Wiki:

Wreck-Gar is a product of his environment. Unfortunately, this environment is the Planet of Junkion, a distant world of trash which is bombarded by old Earth television broadcasts. Not only is Wreck-Gar's mismatched body collected from the detritus around him, but his mind is an equally mismatched hodgepodge of Earthling pop culture. These humans' cheesy slogans and sales pitches from decades past form the patchwork of Wreck-Gar's scatterbrained personality.

Nancy is the female Junkion seen in the series 3 episode; The Big Broadcast of 2006, though for ages she was just called Junkion Lady until multiple Japanese guidebooks said otherwise and thus Nancy.

Note: Nancy is a human name not a robot's name, that's what you get for listening to Earth broadcasts.

No transformations due to no motorbikes being allowed on MNR (no fair).

G1 Wreck-Gar

G1 Nancy

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