Author's Chapter Notes:

I thought I'd do the Aerialbot team all in one entry instead of different entries.

I've done the whole team including them all combined to form Superion and they're transformation, and it took me HOURS!!!!

All the plane transformation are made out of F1 karts, names will be above the picture of the Autobot and will follow in order of Rank.

Note: Isn't it a bit stupid for Silverbolt to be scared of heights, I mean any other person or bot I would understand, but Silverbolt transforms into A PLANE, that FLIES!! You're dealing with heights everyday; not Optimus's best idea to Silverbolt in charge IMO.

G1 Silverbolt

G1 Air Raid

G1 Fireflight

G1 Skydive

G1 Slingshot

G1 Superion

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