Author's Chapter Notes:

There seems to be a bit of a mix-up on Hasbro's side about War For Cybertron and Transformers: Prime. Hasbro says that War For Cybertron and Prime are in the same kind of series family?????????

When I first started writing 1: A Bond That Can Never Be Broken (The first book in my G1 series), it was when Hasbro said announced WFC was part of the G1 series, then ages later they changed it by saying it was part of TF: Prime!?!

Take Bumblebee for example in both WFC and Prime, they don't even look or act the same, nor does Optimus (which WFC, Prime and the WFC prequel book all seem to argue with each other how Optimus became a Prime) and Arcee (Pink car or blue motorbike? Make up your mind Hasbro!). The only main G1 character that's stayed the same is Ratchet, and lets admit it Ratchet's Ratchet right? He's been a moaning mech since G1 you can't really change that.

So in my Fan-fic univirse WFC is part of my G1 series, I know others will argue differently but I think I made a good point. But so far so good... Sorry about the rant lets move on..

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