Author's Chapter Notes:

Now the forth and final character of this showcase of my new redesigns is Rakatan and her redesign for the TF Prime universe and my fanfics.

The first thing you'll notice about Rakatan is that she has wings, unlike her previous versions. I thought the wings would be a welcome add-on with the readers who like her.

The thing you'll notice is that she has a ponytail like her sister, this a departure from the previous versions of her.

Now I haven't changed Rakatan's personality one bit, besides making her more teenage like. My inspiration for her human mode came from an old video game which was recently rereleased in HD, the game is Jet Set Radio. I thought that since Rakatan takes the form of a Japanese girl (much like her sister) I thought to make a tribute to the game by designing her in this fashion.

She's so going to get along with Miko since they both play the guitar and come from the land of the rising sun.

She is mentioned a few times in 'The Lost Memories' but she won't fully appear until 'The Sēmideus Complexus'. 

Chapter End Notes:

*UPDATE!* Just thought I'd let you, my readers and fans know that I've joined up for the BETA for Transformers Universe MMO under the ID/Gamertag/User Name, FeenixfirePrime90

This is because Phoenixfire90 was already taken.... Alright, own up, who took it????

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