Author's Chapter Notes:

Now the third character I wanted to unveil is Havana and her redesign for the TF Prime universe and my fanfics.

The first thing you'll notice about Havana is that she has wings, unlike her previous versions. I thought the wings would be a welcome add-on with the readers who like her.

Her personality has been overhauled completely, her previous versions have been more like her sister Rakatan only difference is Havana was a bit more strict. But this version of Havana is a silent and deadly, rarely does she speak and when she does she sounds uncaring and almost sparkless.

That's because she's an assassin, and a damn fine one at that. And she's been trained to be like that.

She is mentioned a few times in 'The Lost Memories' but she won't fully appear until 'The Sēmideus Complexus'. 

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