Author's Chapter Notes:

Now the second character I wanted to unveil is Blackfire and her redesign for the TF Prime universe and my fanfics.

The first thing you'll notice about Blackfire is that she has wings, unlike her previous versions. I thought the wings would be a welcome add-on with the readers who like her.

Also I've made her hair longer, so long that it nearly touches the ground. There is a reason for this but right now I'm not going to reveal it yet.

Her personality hasn't been changed much, if anything she's more like the version of her that appears in my Movie series and that includes her job as a blacksmith. Which is why her face looks a bit of a mess, she's got centuries of soot all over her face that she once cleaned off but due to her job, she decided one day that there was just no point in cleaning it off anymore.

Also I gave her gloves, blacksmith gloves to be exact, and as you can see they're as dirty, scratched and burned to hell, but what do expect for her?

She is mentioned a few times in 'The Lost Memories' but she won't fully appear until 'The Sēmideus Complexus'. 


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