Author's Chapter Notes:

Okay, got some fanfic character designs to unveil.

Before we go any further I apologise for not updating this for well over a month. I haven't been on ModNation Racers, also I've been playing Dragon Age II and Borderlands 2 and enjoying both fully.

Now the first character I wanted to unveil is Whitefire and her redesign for the TF Prime universe and my fanfics.

The first thing you'll notice about Whitefire (and the rest of the Creed to follow) is that she has wings, unlike her previous versions. I thought the wings would be a welcome add-on with the readers who like her.

Also I've made her hair longer, so long that it nearly touches the ground. There is a reason for this but right now I'm not going to reveal it yet.

Her personality has been changed slightly though, she's still the kindest and most caring member of the Creed but made her older, way older than previous versions and I've given her more of a mother hen personality to match her role as Creed doctor.

She is mentioned a few times in 'The Lost Memories' but she won't fully appear until 'The Sēmideus Complexus'. 


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