Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry I haven't been updating my fanfics for a while but I haven't been feeling well over the summer (which is usually my busiest time on here) and I didn't feel good enough write anything.

Also my PS3 got the Yellow Light of Death and I had to replace it, and although I always back-up my old PS3 to my external Hard-drive when the time came to restore my data to my new PS3, well, it didn't transfer everything that I was expecting. Overall I lost nearly 150gb of games (most of which were from Playstation Plus), install and update data and nearly everything inbetween.

Unfortunatly that included all my Mods from ModNation Racers, which I found out a week later were not stored in the save data but were stored in the Game Data Utilty. So long story short I've lost everything I've ever created on ModNation Racers and after that I didn't feel like creating anything again until recently.

And to be truthful I almost decided to call this gallery post a day and stop posting, but my friends convinced me that while the MNR community was alive I should still create Mods. And I'm thankful for their support. And that's why I haven't posted anything in the ModNation post for a while.

Anyway back to the Mod below, I know in the chapter title I've put 'Fall of Cybertron' and although in FoC it's the first time you've been able to play as him in campain mode it's not the first time you see him.

For those who have played the game if you looked carefully in the prison cells on the Kaon Prison level in the Autobot campaign you might have noticed an Autobot doing push-ups in his cell. That was Jazz. He appears again later on in the same level helping the other Autobots escape the prison on shuttles. He's also a multiplayer character via DLC.

Chapter End Notes:
Right I'm going back to Transformers Prime for awhile starting off with old Wheeljack.
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