Author's Chapter Notes:

If, like me, you play videogames and keep up with the latest videogame news then you might have heard of the Electronic Enterainment Expo or E3 for short. One of the biggest videogame conventions or videogame trade fairs around, where upcoming games are shown off and where new games are often annouced.

Anyway since Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron was shown off at E3 and a new trailer was released I decided to do a handful of TFs from both War For Cybertron and the upcoming Fall Of Cybertron.

And the first one to start this list is Arcee. She was an interesting Mod to make because of her paint job. It took me a while to mix the different shades of pink using the colour wheel to get the final result, I've had recolour her more than 4 times because it just didn't look right, and in the end I was happy with this shade of pink.

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