Author's Chapter Notes:

So here he is, my new Snapdragon. Looks different compared to my other Snapdragon's (being Movie and G1 of course), doesn't he? Yeah when I decided to introduce Katrina and Snapdragon into my new fan-fic 'The Lost Memories', I decided to give him a makeover.

I need to mention here and now that Katrina and Snapdragon ARE the SIBLINGS of Phoenixfire and Draco, yep, instead of twins I went with quadruplets. Meaning also that Megatron (unlike G1 and Movie) is NOT the father of them.

The first thing I think you'll notice is of course he has proper Dragon wings unlike his G1/Movie counterpart. It was a suggestion from Dark Primus that I put wings on him after he told me that Draco would look better with wings instead of without them. And I guess he was right, but for G1/Movie/Shattered Glass it's too late to change the design. So I decided to do the same for (Prime) Snapdragon as well.

The second thing you must have noticed is the the fact he has the same ears/anntennas as Optimus Prime, but like his siblings he is not related to Optimus.

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