Author's Chapter Notes:

So here she is, my new Katrina. Looks different compared to my other Katrina's (being Movie and G1 of course), doesn't she? Yeah when I decided to introduce Katrina and Snapdragon into my new fan-fic 'The Lost Memories', I decided to give her a makeover.

I need to mention here and now that Katrina and Snapdragon ARE the SIBLINGS of Phoenixfire and Draco, yep, instead of twins I went with quadruplets. Meaning also that Megatron (unlike G1 and Movie) is NOT the father of them. I guess I decided to go back into the origins of both Phoenixfire and Katrina. In the G1 and Movie series they were originally sisters (Draco and Snapdragon at the time hadn't even been created) that chose sides and ened up hating each other. But as time went on I split them apart and made out the Katrina was a clone of Phoenixfire.

Why did you think they looked soooo similar in the first place?

Anyway, the first thing I think you'll notice is she has the same ears/anntennas as Optimus Prime, much like her sister Phoenixfire. And as the same as her sister she is not related to Optimus. But the design just stayed because I liked it so much.

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