Author's Chapter Notes:

Here he is, my new Draco. Looks different compared to my other Draco's (being Movie and G1 of course), doesn't he? Yeah when I decided to introduce Phoenix, Draco and their friends into my new fan-fic 'The Lost Memories', I decided to give him a makeover.

The first thing I think you'll notice is of course he has proper Dragon wings unlike his G1/Movie counterpart. It was a suggestion from Dark Primus that I put wings on him after he told me that Draco would look better with wings instead of without them. And I guess he was right, but for G1/Movie/Shattered Glass it's too late to change the design.

The second thing you must have noticed is the the fact he has the same ears/anntennas as Optimus Prime, this rings back to my original concept designs for my G1/Movie Draco (boy was that a long time ago). But this was also because just like all my other Dracos he was meant to be Optimus's son, but I dumped that idea deciding to make him a new person. But the design just stayed because I liked it so much.

But unlike (Prime) Phoenixfire who has got a new personality, I decided NOT to change Draco's as I like his personality as it is and I'm sure you must agree.

Oh and I need to mention that in 'The Lost Memories' (or in any Prime fan-fic to follow) he ISN'T in love with Havana (and yes there is a Prime Havana in the making but when she'll appear with her friends, I'm not too sure), instead I decided that he fancies Arcee, even though her boyfriends or partners have ended up dead.

*UPDATE* 24/11/2012: I have decided to create both Phoenixfire & Draco's human modes after designing the Creed of the Phoenix & the Dragon's human modes, so here they are.


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