Author's Chapter Notes:

Ok as I explained in my last post I'm putting on hold the G1 Decepticons till these reveals are out of the way.

So here she is, my new Phoenixfire. Looks different compared to my other Phoenixfire's (being Movie and G1 of course), doesn't she? Yeah when I decided to introduce Phoenix and her friends into my new fan-fic 'The Lost Memories', I decided to give her a makeover.

The first thing I think you'll notice is she has the same ears/anntennas as Optimus Prime, this rings back to my original concept designs for my G1/Movie Phoenixfire (boy was that a long time ago). But this was also because just like all my other Phoenixfires she was meant to be Optimus's daughter, but I dumped that idea deciding to make her a new person. But the design just stayed because I liked it so much.

This also meant I had to give her a new personality (well I didn't have to but why not IMHO), she is a much kinder and compassionate person... On Earth. Back on Cybertron she's just like the other Phoenixes.

Oh and I need to mention that in 'The Lost Memories' (or in any Prime fan-fic to follow) she ISN'T in love with Bumblebee, let me repeat that, she ISN'T in love with Bee. I think it's a better idea that this Phoenix stays solo, lone wolf, single, whatever you want to call it.

The other thing I'm sure you'll notice is that one of her arms is a light purple with dark purple in places, I really can't say here but I do explain it in her Tech Spec I wrote out to accompany my new fan-fic. But I do need to say that her Tech Spec does contain Spoilers!

If you're still interested please look here:

*UPDATE* 24/11/2012: I have decided to create both Phoenixfire & Draco's human modes after designing the Creed of the Phoenix & the Dragon's human modes, so here they are.

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