Author's Chapter Notes:

I should say now that I was meant to do Robots In Disguise Gas Skunk but I couldn't due to not having the Mod accesssories necessary for it.

So instead I decided to move on to the first part of the Unicron Trilogy, Armada.

Who better to start with than Optimus Prime.

Both the Mod and the Kart were a bit of a pain to do for different reasons.

The Mod I ended up using all of the sticker slots thus I had to choose which stickers to keep and those that I thought were unnecessary. And the face, I just couldn't get the optics right.

The Kart was different, I couldn't find any good pictures of the Transformation in the cartoon to base it on so I used instead a picture of the Dreamwave Armada comic and based the Kart on that.

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