Author's Chapter Notes:

This is the third and last of my special G1 Mods.

If you don't know who this is then let me explain.

Long story short Dion is a young adult, dockworker and the best friend of Orion Pax. That was before Orion made the worse mistake ever, trusted Megatron and well the rest they say is history.

Now what happened to Dion has, for years, been debated by fans, some say he died and couldn't be rebuilt, others say he did get rebuilt and whoever it is has got to be a close friend of Optimus. The most popular suggestion is Ironhide or Ultra Magnus.

Now if you want my opinion on this matter, I believe it's Ultra Magnus for 3 reasons.

1: Ironhide seems too old to match Dion. 2: Have you seen Ultra Magnus, I mean a spitting image of Optimus only without the face guard and longer antennas. 3: They do seem to act like brothers in my opinion.

Thus in my fan-fic 3 & 1/2: The Creed Chronicles, Phoenixfire once called Ultra Magnus 'Uncle Magnus'.

Dion only appeared in one episode in the G1 series and that was War Dawn (which is one of my favorite G1 episodes). For more information please look here:

Other Note: This is the same Dion that appears in my CyberNation fan-fic.

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