Author's Chapter Notes:

As I said in the last entry I'll be doing three special G1 mods, this is the first one.

If you don't know who this is then let me explain.

Long story short Orion Pax is Optimus Prime himself, as a young adult and just a humble dockworker. Before everything went wrong and Megatron ruined his life as Orion knew it.

Poor dude, if it wasn't for the Aerialbot team, I don't think (in the G1 story) Optimus would have existed.

Orion only appeared in one episode in the G1 series and that was War Dawn (which is one of my favorite G1 episodes). For more information please look here:

Note: I guessed what his transformation would be based on his job and his friend, Dion's transformation.

Other Note: This is the same Orion Pax that appears in my CyberNation fan-fic.

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