Author's Chapter Notes:

In the last one I said that Topspin could be a friend of Ironhide.

Well Leadfoot is a friend of Ironhide and this isn't the best thing in the world.....

Profile below (taken again from TF Wiki).

'Leadfoot is one of the Wreckers, a group of former engineers turned fighters who have turned their talents to kicking Decepticon tail across the galaxy. His specialty is building bigger and better weapons, WITH SCIENCE! Not terribly surprisingly this vocation has led him to strike up a friendship with the Autobots resident weapons-hound Ironhide. The way the two egg each other on towards bigger and better "boom-sticks" the other Autobots fear one day waking up to find a smoking crater where their workshop once stood.'

.................... Oh dear... And I thought DotM Wheeljack was crazy...

Chapter End Notes:

The next time I'll be uploading more mods will be just after Dark Of The Moon's release, this has been done so I'll know who is who at last.

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