Author's Chapter Notes:

Not to be confused with Movie 07 Devastator a.k.a. Brawl.

Sorry if he looks very ugly....

Chapter End Notes:

Main Annoucement, June 14th 2011:

Ah, June, with summer starting it's time for fun in the sun, well, for me it is and you know what else is in June?

Transformers: Dark Of The Moon gets released on June 29th (unless you live in Japan, then July 1st for you, sorry dudes), with less than three weeks to go I'm celebrating in style!!!

In celebration of DotM and My Modnation Racers Transformers Mods & Karts & Karts getting over 7000 reads and being put on to the Featured Page, I'm going to start doing the Autobots and Decepticons from Dark Of The Moon, but who will be the first DotM character join?? Shockwave or Sentinel Prime?

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