Author's Chapter Notes:

If I remember rightly I did Movie Sideswipe, and how wrong I did it, I should have never published him in the first place.

But now I've remade him with better design in both head (where it shows most) and body, this time I've done the swords, door wings and the helmet features in 3D. I have tried my best....

On the character himself, I really think he's cool, the swords are just... wow... his style... wow... If Draco wasn't around for Havana I would have paired Sides with her.

Chapter End Notes:


If you love this post then I have some big news. I'm doing a Transformers G1/Beast Wars/Modnation Racers fan-fic crossover, it takes place in a whole new universe where there are no Fractions and no War, replaced instead by Racing teams and Battles on the race track (which is just as brutal, I should know!!). And stays on Cybertron though the entire story. The hero? None other than Orion Pax/Optimus Prime along with his brother Dion/Ultra Magnus. Side note, Ariel/Elita-1 is NOT OP's sister.

I don't want to say anymore right now.

Though one or two things have been changed from G1 and BW, it's in a whole new universe I'm allowed to stray from one or two things.

This story is due early-June and is called..... CyberNation Racers!

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