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2002: Jazz, Tracks, Springer and Hot Rod follow the Combaticons to a distant planet, where they get entangled in slave-trafficking.
Categories: Generation One
Characters: Arcee (G1,TFU), Blast Off (G1,G2), Blurr (G1), Brawl (G1,G2), Bruticus (G1,G2), Hot Rod (G1), Jazz (G1,G2), Onslaught (G1,G2), Swindle (G1,G2), Tracks (G1,Alt), Vortex (G1,G2)
Genre: Drama
Location: Library
Series: None
Chapters: 1
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Complete?: Yes - Published: 10/11/09 - Last Updated: 16/11/09

1. Chapter 1 by Velvet_Glove [Reviews - 1] (25586 words)