This is the order in which this saga begins,

1. Transformer Babies
2. Meggy’s glorious destiny! (which you’re reading right now)

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[The Transformer Babies are playing happily in the nursery, with the exception of Oppie, who is cowering in a corner shivering with fear. Starscream has a transformed Meggy in his hand and is torturing him with questions trying to get him to talk].

Megs: SO, you think you take my teddy bear and get away with it do you? Well, maybe it’s time I taught you a little lesson. (Starscream laughs menacingly and starts to pull the trigger when Nanny walks in)

Nanny: Meggy! How many times have I told you not to point yourself at people! (Oppie runs away and hides)

(Starscream and Meggy both get startled and Meggy transforms back to robot mode). I’m sorry Nanny, I must have forgot.

Nanny: You seem to be forgetting about that an awful lot lately.

Meggy: Okay, okay, I’m sorry. Maybe I forgot because I’m hungry.

Nanny: Your hungry? Oh my sweet little Bot, I’ll make you something right away! (she hurries off to get him an “energon bottle” (Meggy grimaces, he HATES it when she calls him that! She runs back to him and hands him the bottle, which he sucks on happily).

Nanny: Now, how about I read you all a story? (Nanny pulls a stack of animal books from the playroom bookshelf).

(All the babies go YEAH!!!!)

Megs: Oh, alright fine! But it better be a good one!

Nanny: Well. . .lets see what I got here, how about a book about Tigers?

Megs: Lame.

Nanny: Zebras?

Megs: Lame.

Nanny: Petro-rabbits?


Ultra Mags: Oh Nanny! Stop trying to make him happy and just read something!

(The babies all nod in agreement)

Nanny: Well, if we’re not all going to agree, I’ll just go ahead and pick one (she cracks open one of the animal books). Petro-rabbits it is!

Megs: (whose talking to Soundwave) I can’t believe she’s going to make us sit here and listen to a story about robotic vermin! (Soundwave nods in agreement)

Kup: But I love the story of petro-rabbits!

Grimlock: (looking at Megs) Me, Grimmy, what to know what Petro-Rabbit is?

Megs: GAWD I DON’T KNOW! It’s some stupid thing an inventor came up with! He’s probably some miserable idiot who created them just to piss me off!

Nanny: Meggy! If you don’t behave and clean up that language, you’ll stay in timeout and won’t go out to the playground!!

All: (looking shocked) ‘ooooooooooo’.

Megs: (noticeably scared) IM SORRY NANNY! I’ll never say a bad word again and I’ll behave! HONEST!

Nanny: Alright, as long as you promise to behave.

Megs: I will! (to himself) Sucker.

(Suddenly Nanny feels a gentle pull on one of her green and white striped socks. Nanny looks down to find Oppie, whose holding up a book for her to read in his tiny blue hand. She reaches down and takes it from him).

Nanny: Why, thank you Oppie! (he flushes with happiness) Look kids! Oppie has brought me his favorite animal book, “All About Gorillas!”

Megs: Ack! (he starts to choke on his energon bottle. Soundwave whacks him on the back a bunch of times. Megs regains composure). WHAT???

Nanny: The book is called, “All about gorillas!”

Megs: Please don’t read that Nanny! I hate monkeys! Especially gorillas!

Starscream: Rally-Monkey, anybody? (Starscream is holding a bunch of stuffed brown monkeys in his arms, passing them around to everybody).

Megs: Please Oppie, please! (he grovels on the floor at Oppie’s feet) Don’t make her read that book! Have mercy on me!

(Oppie gives Meggy a confused look. He can’t understand what it is about gorillas that brought out all that emotion. He shrugs at Nanny and takes the book back from her hand).

Megs: Thank you Oppie, thank you! (Oppie, not quite sure what to do with himself, pats Megs on the head to console him).

Megs: Alright, alright, don’t pet me! (he gets up and dusts himself off, glaring at Oppie)

Nanny: Kids, I think it’s time to learn an important principal today. It’s called compromise.

(The babies all stare at her with blank looks)

Starscream: Compro . .compri . . compre .


Starscream: WELL! It’s a hard word! (looking at Nanny) What does it mean?

(The babies all nod in agreement. Meggy rolls his optics in disgust)

Nanny: Compromise is the ability to work together for a common good. When people compromise, all sides can get what they want and be happy.

(Babies all go ‘Oh’ )

Starscream: Compromise is a silly idea, Nanny!

Nanny: And why is that Screamy?

Starscream: Because it’s impossible for EVERYBODY to be happy! It would be far better if I’m happy and everybody is happy that I’m happy!

(All the babies look confused, including Nanny)

Megs: I’d be happy if he’d just shut up!

(Starscream glares at Meggy)

Nanny: And I’d be happy if you both would behave!

Jazz: You know what makes me happy! Music! I love music! Wanna hear my new song I wrote?

Blaster: Yeah Man! I wanna hear your new groove!

Jazz: Alright! Everybody put you hands together! This ones called, “Bots all over the world!”

Blaster: Kick it man!

Bots all over the world!

Bots all over the world!

Check out my funk! Check out my funky style,

Jazz it here and all the crowd goes wild!

Got nothin’ to lose, got nothin’ to prove

Just kickin’ it here with my rhymes so smooth;

In a funk? In a funky way?

Just hang around with me and we’ll close the day,

With a night to remember, with a night of fun!

We’ll party all night so don’t bring your guns!

Bots all over the world!

Bots all over the world!

Ain’t into deceivin’ ain’t in ta lies,

Just dancin’ to a beat that will hypnotize!

Ya might drive a Benz or just ride a horse,

But ya don’t need a Lexus to hang with a Porsche!

Bots all over the world!

Bots all over the world!

Nanny: Why, that was wonderful Jazz!

Blaster: Yeah man, your song was platinum!

Nanny: Songs are a wonderful way to express yourself. Poetry can help express the things that go on in our private thoughts. I love poetry in all its forms!

Megs: I wrote a poem once, Nanny! (Starscream and Soundwave look at him with surprise)

Nanny: You did Meggy? That’s wonderful! What did you call it?

Megs: It’s called, “My glorious destiny!”

Nanny: Do you want to share your poem with us?

Megs: Okay. (He takes the piece of paper out of an arm compartment and unfolds the paper, then clears his throat). “My glorious destiny!” by Meggy-tron

Playing games, hanging around,

Is what my life looks like right now;

But someday soon, maybe far,

I’ll rule the universe and be a star;

Upon my throne, I’ll count energon cubes,

You’ll answer to me, you insolent fools!

In triumph I’ll glitter bright as the dawn;

They’ll shout, ‘Behold the glorious Meggy-tron!’

What will I do after I’m done?

Become a cannon and not a gun?

Maybe a dragon from far away!

Or perhaps a tank that saves the day?

O Universe! My destiny is sweet!

I’ll have millions of servants at my feet!

And legions of warriors at my side;

I’ll conquer you all, especially YOU Oppie Prime!

(Oppie gasps and jumps into the toy chest. Soundwave applauds thunderously)

Nanny: That was a . . . . . ummmm . . . .an interesting poem, Meggy!

Megs: Yes, I’m rather proud of it actually. (He folds it back again and puts it into his arm compartment). Anybody think they can do better than that?

(Suddenly, Oppie’s arm shoots out of the toy chest with a piece of paper in his hand. Ultra Magnus walks over and takes it from him. The arm shoots back into the toy chest.

Ultra Mags: Hey everybody! Oppie has something to say!

Nanny: What does he say Mags?

Ultra Mags: He writes, “Meggy’s poem sounds like poop.”

Megs: I’LL KILL HIM! (Meggy runs over to the toy chest trying to pry the lid open). YOU’LL DIE FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!!

(Ultra Mags, Jazz, Soundwave and Roddy pry Meggy away from the toy chest. Nanny finally seizes him)

Nanny: I think it’s time for your Ritalin pill, Meggy. (Meggy moans as she hands him his Ritalin pill and a small cup of energon formula)

Meggy: Why do I have to take this stuff, Nanny!

Nanny: The doctor says it will help you calm down and relax so you can focus and won’t be so hyperactive.

Meggy: BUT I AM CALMED DOWN AND RELAXED!!! Uh . . . . I mean, I am calm and relaxed, Nanny (he gives her a big red eyed angelic look).

Nanny: (Whose not convinced) Meggy, take your pill like a good little Bot.

(Meggy puts the pill in his mouth and takes a swig of his formula. Nanny then walks out of the nursery. When Meggy sees she’s not around anymore, he spits it out and hands it to Soundwave, who gladly swallows it down for him).

Meggy: Thanks Soundwave! How can I conquer the universe when I’m all doped up on that stuff!

(Soundwave has a glazed over happy look on his face)

Meggy: Riiiiight.

Ultra Mags: Meggy, why do you always have to create problems?

Meggy: What do you mean me? Oppie stole my teddy bear, insulted my poem, gets treated like an angel by Nanny, and now he needs to be taught a lesson!

Ultra Mags: I don’t care what you think he’s done! He’s my friend and if you hurt him, you’ll have me to deal with!

Megs: Oh yeah? And who are you? Like his big brother or something!?

Ultra Mags: Something like that, yeah!

Megs: And when I decide to teach Oppie a lesson, what do you think you’re gonna do to me? (Soundwave and Starscream walk behind Meggy and cross their arms like tuff guys).

Ultra Mags: I’ll do this! (He rips Meggy’s diaper off and runs)


(Soundwave releases baby kitten Ravage and Rumble. Starscream transforms to jet mode, as Meggy hides behind the toy chest extremely embarrassed he got his diapers ripped off)

(Ultra Mags giggles with glee and throws the diaper to Hot Roddy, yelling ‘catch!’ Starscream dives down to intercept, but Roddy catches it in time and dodges Starscream, who crashes into the wall. Roddy throws the diaper to Grimlock, who is in dino-mode and chomps it easily. Ravage grabs the other end of the diaper, and are now engaged in a furious tug-of war over Meggy’s diaper.)

Meggy: Don’t just stand there Soundwave! Do something! (Soundwave starts to jump for Grimlock, but gets tackled instead by Jazz. Roddy jumps on Rumble).

Grimlock easily wins possession of the diaper from Ravage and swallow it.


Meggy: My diaper!!!!

Starscream; Hope you didn’t poop in them diapers, Meggy!

Meggy: I don’t poop in my diapers IDIOT! That’s your hobby!

Starscream: IS NOT!!!!

Meggy: Ultra Magnus shall pay for taking my diaper! HE SHALL PAY!!!!

End of part 3

Start of part 4- sometime later next week

[The G1 Babies are playing happily in the nursery. Meggy and Soundwave are sitting in a Fisher-Price plastic fort talking to each other. Meggy is still without a diaper]

Meggy: It’s the perfect plan, Soundwave! Do you like it? This scheme will teach Oppie to insult my poem and steal my teddy bear! (Soundwave nods enthusiastically)

Starscream: (sticking his head through a window opening) Hey, what are you two talking about?

Meggy: I have invented the ultimate plan to get even with Oppie.

Starscream: Cool! What’s the plan?

Meggy: Well . . . .I could tell you, but first you’re going to have to join my club.

Starscream: A club? Whose in it?

Meggy: Well, I just started it. So far, only Soundwave and I are in it.

Starscream: Okay! I want to be in the club! Do I get a secret password?

Meggy: No you don’t get a secret password, stupid! It’s just the three of us! Why would you need a password? It’s not like I don’t know who you are!

Starscream: It was just a suggestion! Geeze!

Meggy: This is perfect. With the three of us joining forces, I can execute my plan against Oppie Prime and that revolting Ultra Mags!

Starscream: So, what is it?

Meggy: You don’t just get “in the club,” Screamy. In order for you to be one of us, you’ll have to pay the friendship dues!

Starscream: WHAT!

Meggy: Yes, friendship dues! They are required if you want to hang around with us.

Starscream: Friendship dues? What do you mean FRIENDSHIP dues?! You mean I have to PAY to be your friend?

Meggy: You don’t need to pay the friendship dues right now, Screamy. You can pay them at the end of the week on Friday. And then every Friday after that.

Starscream: We’ll, whose gonna pay to be MY FRIEND?

Meggy: Nobody.

Starscream: Does Soundwave have to pay the friendship dues too?

Meggy: No.

Starscream: WAIT A MINUTE! So, you’re saying only I have to pay to be your friend?

Meggy: Yup.


Meggy: Hey, that’s the breaks pal. Either be apart of the cool club, or get your head out of our fort!

Starscream: I can’t believe I’m doing this! Okay! I’ll pay.

Meggy: Good. Now I’ll just need a deposit.

Starscream: WHAT!

Meggy: You know; a deposit? I’ll need some form of payment to make good on your word. I’ll need a first and last months deposit up front before I let in you into the club.

Starscream: You don’t need a deposit! You’re just taking advantage of me Meggy-tron!

Meggy: I suggest you break that piggy bank of yours, Screamy. Otherwise, no evil plan for you!

Starscream: AH MAN! (he runs out to get his piggy bank).

(Meggy and Soundwave roll around on the fort floor in laughter).

Meggy: Can you believe that, Soundwave? He’s actually gonna do it! He doesn’t even know how much it costs yet! What an idiot!

(Screamy runs back into the fort with his piggy bank. He clunks down on the floor holding his bank)

Starscream: Here it is, this is all I have!

Meggy: Good. Break it!

(Screamy breaks his bank on the fort floor. Coins and paper currency crash on the ground)

Meggy: Well well well! I see you’ve collected quite a bit of cash for yourself!

Starscream: I’ve earned most of it. Some is from winning the blue ribbon on my science project; some is from my allowance money; and some is from helping Nanny get things from the high shelves she can’t reach.

Meggy: Reeeeeeeally?

Starscream: Yes, but don’t tell Thundercracker or Durge that last part. It’s my own private nitch that’s just between me and Nanny. Nobody else knows she gives me cash for that.

Meggy: You must have over a hundred dollars on the floor, Screamy!

Starscream: Yes, I’ve been saving it up for a few years.

Meggy: Tell ya what, Screamy. You just give me everything that’s in that bank, and we’ll forget all about Friendship dues forever. How’s that?


Meggy: Yes.

Starscream: But that’s all I have!

Meggy: Yeah, AND! Do you want to be cool or not?

Starscream: You’re not cool Meggy! You’re just using extor . . . exter . . . . extori. . .

Meggy: Extortion?

Starscream: YES! Extortion on me!

Meggy: Either give me the money or get out of the fort!

Starscream: But do I have to give you ALL of it?

Meggy: Well. . . . . .not ALL of it, here (Meggy hands Screamy a quarter). You can keep that much. Don’t say I never gave you nothin’.

Starscream: Oh MAN! This plan better be good to cost me my entire piggy bank!

Meggy: Oh don’t worry, it is!

Starscream: Well . . . . SPILL IT!

(Meggy whispers the plan in Screamy’s audio receptor)

Starscream: WOW! That is a good plan!

Meggy: Yes, I know.

Starscream: What are we waiting for? Let’s go!

Meggy: Excuse me? I am in command here, remember?

Starscream: Oh yeah.

Meggy: (clears throat) LET’S GO!

(They run out of the nursery).


[Back in the nursery, all the TF Babies are playing happily together (of course)!. Ultra Mags, Jazz, Hot Roddy, and Kup are playing Monopoly. Baby Unicron (whose in planet form), rolls over close to them.]

Jazz: Ha! I just got “Park Place!” Now my hood is extending to the rich parts of town!

Ultra Magnus: I can’t believe I landed in jail again!

Hot Roddy: You seem to have no luck at all.

Ultra Mags: The games not over yet Roddy! You’re almost out of money. I can’t believe you spent it all buying property for “Baltic Ave!”

Hot Roddy: Hey? What’s wrong with Baltic Ave? It’s a great location!

Ultra Mags: Whatever! When I get out, I’m gonna buy property at OOOOOWWWWWW!

(Unicron chomps on Ultra Magnus’ leg)

Ultra Mags: LET ME GO!!!!! HELP!!!

Kup: Unicron! Stop trying to eat Ultra Magnus! You know you’ll get in major trouble for this!

(Unicron uses his “pinchers” to suck Ultra Mags deeper into his mouth).

Ultra Mags: He’s gonna eat me! Get Nanny, hurry! (Hot Roddy runs off to get Nanny) AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!

(Unicron slurps Ultra Mags into himself)

Unicron: BURP!

(Hot Roddy runs into the kitchen to get Nanny, who’s preparing lunch)

Hot Roddy: Nanny, come quick! Unicron just ate Ultra Magnus, AGAIN!

Nanny: OH NO! I hope we can get him out this time! (They both run into the nursery).

(In the nursery, Jazz, Kup, Bumblebee, and Blurr are banging on the outer hull of Unicron)

All: LET HIM GO!!!!


(Nanny runs in)


(Unicron tries to roll away)

Nanny: How many times have I told you NOT to eat your playmates! Release Ultra Mags this minute!

Unicron: NO!

Nanny: Unicron, if you don’t let him go, there will be no storytelling for you!

Unicron: I’M HUNGRY!

Nanny: Lunch is almost ready. Why don’t you let Ultra Maggy go and then you can eat real food! How does that sound?

Unicron: NO!

Nanny: Oh dear. What am I going to do? I’m sure I fed him an extra potion during snack time!

Jazz: Which was fifteen minutes ago! He just gets hungrier by the minute!

Hot Roddy: And bigger too! Look at the size of him! (Unicron expands another 10 inches in every direction).

Nanny: Oh dear! I think I might have to call a doctor! What am I to do?

Kup: If you don’t get Ultra Mags out right now, he might die!

Nanny: OH NO! (she starts to cry) Ultra Maggy, my poor little baby bot!

(Suddenly Oppie pushes his way through the crowd and faces Unicron. Unicron shrinks in fear and starts to roll away, but Oppie traps him in a corner).

Bumblebee: Would you look at that? It seems Unicron is afraid of Oppie!

(Oppie glares at Unicron)


Jazz: Did you hear that? Oppie just said something!

Unicron: NO!


Unicron: NO!

(Oppie takes out the blue glowing ball thingy from his chest. It glitters brightly around him. He starts to walk with it right up to Unicron’s mouth)


(All the Babies look at eachother in disbelief)

Jazz: Did he just threaten Unicron?

(Unicron starts to shake and choke. He then spits out Magnus, who is covered in goo).


Ultra Mags: OH YUCK! That was totally NASTY!

(Oppie puts the blue glowing ball thingy back into himself)


(Unicron whimpers, then starts crying. Oppie walks away).

Ultra Mags: Oppie! You just saved my life! You’re my hero!

(Oppie blushes).

Ultra Mags: What a friend!

Nanny: Well, now that all that is settled, who’s ready for some lunch?

All: MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


Nanny: Oh, come on, my sweet little planet. Let’s go eat some lunch! (she smiles at him and pats his outer hull).

(Unicron stops crying and rolls himself into the kitchen).

Ultra Mags: I’m not sitting next to HIM for lunch!

Kup: You know, there’s something really wrong with watching a planet cry!

(The babies all march into the kitchen).


[Meggy, Soundwave and Screamy tip toe down the hall back towards the nursery. Screamy is carrying a large pillowcase that he can barely manage to drag along the ground]

Meggy: They must all be in the kitchen. The coast is clear! C’MON!

(They all tip toe back into the nursery)

Screamy: ARRRGH! Why do I have to carry all this stuff, Meggy?

Meggy: Because you need to go through the initiation process!

Screamy: What’s the word IN. . .IT . .IA. . TION mean?

Meggy: It means that in order for you to prove your worth, your going to have to do the grunt work for awhile!

Screamy: What’s grunt work?

Meggy: Oh never mind, idiot! Just move your ass and do what I tell you to do!

Screamy: AAARRRGGGHHHH, It’s so heavy! Okay! Here it goes! (He dumps the pillowcase)

Meggy: Excellent! Now let’s go have lunch and hope that nobody missed us!

Screamy: Great! I’m starvin’!

Meggy: Oh, yeah, and that’s the other thing about the initiation process.

Screamy: What other thing?

Meggy: You’re going to have to share your lunch with Soundwave and me.

Screamy: WHY?

Meggy: Because I said so. Soundwave agrees, right Soundwave?

(Soundwave nods in agreement)



(In the kitchen, the TF Babies are eating their favorite food, “Energon Alphabet Soup!” The babies are all sitting in high chairs at a very long table (think Hogwarts). The babies are all slurping their soup]

Bumblebee: Wow! Look guys! I just spelled the word, “neat” with the letters in my soup!

Thundercracker: Hey! I just spelled, “nerd” which sorda reminds me of you, Bumblebee! Ultra Mags: And I just spelled, “ass” which is exactly what I’m going to kick if somebody doesn’t shut up!

Durge: Hey Thundercracky? How do you like your “ass” served?

Thundercracker: SHUT UP!

Durge: I think he likes his “ass” served with chocolate!

Thundercracker: You had better be quiet right now Durgy, of else I’m gonna dump this soup on your head!”

Ultra Mags: All right, STOP IT!

(Meggy, Screamy, and Soundwave tip toe into the kitchen and sit in their high chairs)

Starscream: Wow! Energon alphabet soup! My favorite!

(Soundwave and Meggy pick up their spoons and both slurp down all of Screamy’s soup)

Starscream: HEY! What about me?

Meggy: What ABOUT you?

Starscream: You didn’t even leave me with one spoonful!

Meggy: BURP!

Starscream: Ah MAN! Won’t anybody share their soup with me?

(Oppie slides his soup down to Screamy)

Starscream: Uh. . . . .(feeling awkward) um. . . . . . .no thanks, I’m not hungry anymore.

(Meggy and Soundwave dive down on Oppie’s bowl like vultures and devour the soup)


Meggy and Soundwave: BUUUUURP!

Starscream: (to himself) I want out of this damn club!


[After lunch, the babies go back into the nursery and resume their games. Nanny is sitting in a rocking chair reading the book, “How to raise a Man Eating Planet”]

Meggy: (whose talking to Soundwave and Screamy) The time has come to launch our assault. Are you ready?

(Soundwave and Screamy nod in agreement).

Meggy: Good! We need to get this done before naptime. Let’s go.

(Meggy, Soundwave, and Screamy walk in the middle of the nursery).

Meggy: ATTENTION! I need everybody’s attention please, especially Nanny!

(All the babies look at the three of the standing in the middle of the nursery)

Meggy: I’m afraid I have unfortunate news. I have discovered something that is so horrible, I’m afraid the person who committed this horrible crime should be executed immediately.

Nanny: Executed? Why in the world would you think up something like that?

Meggy: Oh, don’t worry, Nanny. When you see what I found, you’ll think execution is merciful!

Nanny: Nobody is going to get executed for making mistakes, Meggy. Now tell me what you saw.

Meggy: I saw this! Show them Starscream!

(Starscream opens up Oppie’s toy chest, which is filled with Nanny’s panties and bras)

All: GASP!

Nanny: GASP!

Oppie: GASP!

Meggy: You see? I have uncovered a pervert in the nursery!


(Oppie runs and dives in the toy chest. He then jumps out of the toy chest, quickly tosses out all the panties and bras, then jumps into it again).

Meggy: And what is worse, is that Ultra Maggy helped collect them!

All: GASP!

Nanny: GASP!

Ultra Mags: I DID NOT!

Meggy: Yes you did.

Ultra Mags: I DID NOT!


Jazz: You know what guys? I’m gonna be Ultra Maggy’s friend anyway, even if he is a pervert.


Meggy: It’s okay to admit you have a problem Mags.


(Meggy turns to look at Screamy, who has wrapped a bra around himself.)

Starscream: Is it me? (he strikes a pose)

Meggy: Would you take that off! YOU ARE EMBARRSING ME!

Starscream: Whaaaaaat? (he takes it off)

Bumblebee: What’s a pervert, Nanny?

Nanny: Don’t worry your sweet little heart about that Bumblebee.

Meggy: So Nanny? What do you think we should do to punish Oppie and Ultra Maggy? I suggest we all take turns hitting their rear end with a lead pipe!

Ultra Mags: AAAHHHHHH!!!!! (he runs over to the toy chest and pounds on the lid) LET ME IN OPPIE! LET ME IN! (Oppie opens the lid and Ultra Mags jumps in with Oppie, slamming the lid closed).

Meggy: Hiding won’t stop the fact you’re both a bunch of pervs!

Nanny: All right, kids. We’re all going to need to have a talk. But first, (she scoops up her panties and bras and walks out of the nursery back to her room. She then returns).

Nanny: Everybody gather ‘round the rocking chair.

(Oppie and Ultra Mags climb out of the toy chest. The babies gather and sit Indian style around Nanny. Ultra Mags and Oppie sit down and everybody backs away from them. Meggy, Screamy, and Soundwave giggle).

Nanny: It’s time we all had another lesson, my sweet babies. Let’s all talk about curiosity and forgiveness.

Meggy: WHAT! Forgiveness? Are you saying you’re not mad?

Nanny: No, I’m not mad.

Meggy: (absolutely infuriated) WELL WHY NOT! Uh. . . . . . . .um. . .. . I mean, Why not, Nanny?

Nanny: Because I believe we’ve all made mistakes Meggy, and I don’t think it was done to make me mad.

Ultra Mags: (stands up) Yes! It’s wasn’t done to make Nanny mad, in fact, it wasn’t done by me or Oppie at all! This was a trick played by somebody else! (takes a suspicious look at Meggy).

Meggy: WAS NOT!

Nanny: It really isn’t important, because I believe it’s all over now and we can learn some important lessons!

(Oppie’s head is still bowed with shame. Nanny picks him up and puts him in her lap).

Meggy: (thinking to himself) Oh great! Here comes the lecture of the century.

Nanny: Being curious is another part of growing up. When we get curious about something we don’t understand, all we must remember to ask a grown up to explain it. That way, nobody gets misunderstood or in trouble. Do we all promise to do that?

(The babies all nod “yes” to her, with the exception of Meggy, whose scowling and looking at the ceiling)

Nanny: All right kids! Time to go outside for afternoon recess!

(Babies all go “YEAH!!!!” and run out the nursery door to the playground. Unicron rolls out the door).

[At the playground, the babies are playing happily together. Meggy, Starscream, and Soundwave are standing by the jungle gym talking)

Starscream: Well that was just great! You plan failed miserably, Meggy!

Meggy: I can’t believe she didn’t get mad! It was the perfect plan!

Starscream: And what is worse is that I lost my entire piggy bank on this plan too!

Meggy: Don’t worry, I have other plans in my mind. We will get our revenge!

Starscream: You mean YOUR revenge! I think I want out of this stupid club. I bet I can start my own and it will be WAY better than yours!

Meggy: Oh yeah? I’d like to see you try! You’re lucky to have gotten into THIS club!

Starscream; I will have my own club, Meggy. You just watch! Everybody will want to be in it and pay ME to be my friend, humph! (He marches toward around the playground).

Meggy: This should be good, Soundwave. He really has no idea how unpopular he is! (Soundwave giggles).

Screamy: Hey Durgy, you wanna join my club?

Durge: No.

Starscream: Hey Kup, you wanna be in my club?

Kup: No.

Screamy: Hey Thundercracker? You wanna be in my club?

Thundercracker: No.

Screamy: Hey Unicron? You wanna be in my club?

Unicron: No.

(Screamy looks both frustrated and embarrassed. Meggy and Soundwave walk over and show him, “how it’s done!”)

Meggy; Hey Rumble? You wanna be in my club?

Rumble: Okay!

Meggy: Hey Thundercracky? You wanna be in my club?

Thundercracker: OKAY!

Meggy: Hey Durgy? You wanna be in my club?

Dirge: Okay!

Meggy: Unicron?

Unicron: OKAY!

Meggy: Cool! That’s four people already! (looks at Screamy) My club is already starting to look bigger than yours! Why, in fact, it’s getting so big, I should, OOOOOWWWWWW!

(Unicron chomped on Meggy’s leg)

Meggy: HEY! Let go of my leg!

(Unicron uses his pinchers to start slurping Meggy down)


(Soundwave grabs Meggy’s arms and is playing tug-of-war with Unicron)


(Soundwave pulls as hard as he can. Rumble grabs Soundwave’s leg in a pathetic attempt to pull Meggy out. Screamy watches with amusement.)


Starscream: I’m afraid I would but I’m not in your club anymore, remember?


Screamy: Oh, I wouldn’t take back all the money in the world to miss this!


(Soundwave pulls as hard as he can, but Unicron slurps Meggy down)

Unicron: BUUURP!!!!!

Screamy: AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! (He rolls around on the ground with laughter)

(The Babies all gather around Unicron)

Kup: Oh great! Unicron just ate Meggy!

Soundwave: Release Meggy-tron now!

Unicron: NO!

Screamy: That’s right Unicron! Just keep him in there! (Soundwave slaps Screamy’s arm)

Screamy: Ouch! Jerk!

(Ultra Mags and Oppie push their way through the crowd)

Ultra Mags: You know; I know exactly how to save him. But, (he puts his arm on Oppie’s shoulder) I think we should let him sit in there and think about what he’s done for awhile. What do you think, Oppie?

(Oppie shakes his head happily in the “yes” fashion)

Ultra Mags: Great! Let’s play some Dodge-ball!

(All the Babies go, “YEAH!” and run away to the court, including Starscream and Rumble. Soundwave stands there in front of Unicron, then looks back at all the babies playing dodge-ball, then back at Unicron, then back again to dodge-ball, then back again to Unicron. Finally, he shrugs and runs off to play dodge-ball too)

The end of part 4


Whoooohoooo! So, the TF Babies had another grand adventure! I hope you liked it. Let me know what you thought! The fact that Unicron even showed up at all was because of reviews like you asking for him. So, here he is at your request! Have an idea? Let me know! I love crazy ideas! It only makes things funnier! C-Ya Later! Crazomatic!

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