The Turbofox by Firestorm
Summary: Mirage takes part in the defense of Autobot City.
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Genre: Drama
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1. The Turbofox by Firestorm

The Turbofox by Firestorm
Once upon a time, there was a reason that turbo foxes needed to be hunted down. They were vicious and cunning, and would on occasion attack young sparks and the elderly. It was either them or us. But not everyone could hunt them. With a turbofox, you had to kill or stun them on the first shot; otherwise, it would simply become more aggressive.

I don't know why I'm thinking about that now, but it seems fitting when you consider my current situation. If the shuttle that crashed is any indication, then Autobot City - my home - is under attack right now. And I've got five miles to go before I can get there. Five miles full of would-be hunters.

Among those hunters are the three Seekers standing in the road in front of me. Apparently they had been sent to intercept any re-inforcements. Well, they aren't going to do stop me. I transform into robot mode and rocket into the air. I do a flip, and in the process shoot all three of them in the face. I then
transform back into my car mode and race off.

Just as I had imagined, a large strikeforce of Decepticons has descended upon Autobot City. I go invisible, then race towards the first entrance I can find. It takes precious seconds, but I finally find a drawbridge that's retracting slowly. Again, I transform and go airborne. I land inside the bridge just as the
entrance closes. I get up off my feet, take cover against one of the walls, and de-cloak.

I peer out of the window, and I see Bombshell flying towards the bridge. He's not attempting to strafe it, so I figure he'll try to fly beneath it. I step over towards the opposing window and level my gun. Sure enough, Bombshell just flew right past me. I open fire, and catch him square in the back. Based on
his scream and the amount of smoke, I'd say I got something vital. In other words, payback for when he made me look like a fool.

I catch a metallic glint out of the corner of my optic, then I try to run. I don't get very far before the entire section of bridge behind me erupts in a massive explosion. The force of the impact picks me up and throws me well down the hall. I take a hard landing on the floor, and I feel one of my elbow joints
give away beneath me. A blast that powerful could have only come from Megatron; if he was here, then that meant some bad things.

It takes me a few precious minutes to stand back up. Not only is my elbow damaged, but I'm also disoriented from the concussion. I make my way down the corridor, then turn when another corridor intersects it. Assuming that I'm not heading the wrong way, this should take me to a secondary armory room. If I'm right, then I can get some more firepower and lend a hand.

With my legs back underneath me, I try to jog. The wall to my left is an external wall, and so I can hear the sounds of combat. As near as I can figure, we're losing. I jog a little faster, hoping to get at the armory.

I pass a row of windows, then stop to look out. Sure enough, the Decepticons have air superiority. Where the hell are the Aerialbots?! No matter; we'll have to make do without them. I lean out the window and start firing my laser. Most of the shots miss wildly, but one of them manages to catch a Seeker in the
wing. My laser hit a bomb the Seeker was carrying, blowing the Seeker to pieces.

In the process, I manage to alert a few other Seekers. Whatever. It's just a few more targets. I watch as one of them starts to race towards me, and I concentrate all my shots onto him. I get lucky and sent a shot right up his air intake. The intake fan explodes, sending shrapnel all the way through the
Seeker's system. The Seeker made a futile attempt to transform and land, but it was too late - momentum carried him forward, slamming him into the wall beneath the window. The sickening "thunk" and the resulting dent tell me that the Seeker died on impact.

This time, an entire team of Seekers decides to come after me. I take aim and fire off my misile into the middle of the group, hoping to get them all at once. Instead, I somehow blast Skywarp, who by some sheer fluke warped right into my line of fire. I take a second to watch him plummet towards the ground, then I start blasting away on the rest of the Seekers.

I quickly shoot all three down, then take off jogging again. As much as I want to keep sniping away, I can't; sooner or later, I'll drain the clip in my laser. With my missile fired off and no laser, I would be in serious trouble.

I take a few twists and turns, desperately looking for that armory. Relieved, I finally stop at a door. I unconsciously type in a security code, then wait for the door to open.

I stand there in shock, startled to realize that in my haste and confusion I accidently ran towards my own quarters. I start to run off, but then I remember something. I race inside, and desperately begin to rummage through. Sure enough, I find a spare missile, some extra energy clips, and something especially
important - my old hunting rifle and several magazines of ammunition. My elbow makes loading myself slow, but the sheer firepower I now have more than makes up for it. I run outside, shut the door, and jog away.

I find another, larger window, and then suddenly a plan forms. I activate my invisibility cloak, then slowly - and painfully - climb outside and on to the roof. I run along the ledge, trying to determine where the Decepticons are the thickest. Finding a large cluster, I lay down in the prone position and ready my rifle.

The rifle itself was an older bolt-action. Although archaic compared to the assortment of laser weapons available, it was well-suited for its purpose: hunting turbofoxes. The ammo was large and powerful, and could easily take one down with a single shot. The trade-off was that it was too large for an automatic loading mechanism to properly handle.

Of course, since the rounds were heavy enough to bring down a turbofox they were also heavy enough to bring down a Seeker. Rifle in hand, my body reverts back to the days I used to hunt. Without even thinking, I run through the motions. Identify a target, take a shot, work the bolt, and repeat the process, replacing the magazine as needs be. With each shot, another Seeker falls. Once I run out of targets, I re-locate and try again. For added punch, I occasionally fire off a missile or a laser shot.

I pull the trigger and hear the "click" that tells me I'm out of ammo. No matter. I just need to get another magazine..... that is, if I had one left. I sort through my magazines, and to my surprise I find that I've fired off all of my ammunition. I check my missiles and my energy clips. All my missiles are gone as
well, and I only have a few shots left with my laser.

I look up at the sky and realize that it's completely dark. There's still fighting going on, but it's eased off enough for me to see the moon. Based on its position and the position of the stars, I'd have to say that it's sometime after ten in the evening; somehow, I've been firing for at least four hours without

Of course, the upshot to it being dark is that I no longer need my cloak on. I shut it off, then notice a "low energon" warning flashing across my optics. I run a diagnostic, and find that the constant firing has opened up a leak in my injured elbow. I need to get it fixed, but right now there's not enough time.

I gather up the spent magazines and energy clips and load them back up. I then carefully look for a way off of the roof. I have no doubts that the armories and energy reserves have been largely spent, so if I intend to recharge and reload I'll have to take what I need from the dead. Either that, or if I'm lucky
there will still be something aboard that crashed shuttle. I take a few seconds to think, then decide to go check the shuttle.


(author's note: The idea for this piece came from a set of storyboards I saw which showed that Mirage was indeed supposed to have been at Autobot City during the Movie. The storyboards showed him shooting Bombshell, only to have the bridge he was hiding on get blasted by Megatron.)
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