Spittor Gets A Bank Loan by Charl
Summary: The very first Transformers drabble. A drabble is a piece of writing that is exactly 100 words long, excluding the title. In this particular drabble, Spittor goes to a bank and reveals the secret of his paternity.
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1. Spittor Gets A Bank Loan by Charl

Spittor Gets A Bank Loan by Charl

Drabble is the ultimate authors' party game.

Rules for Drabble:

To paraphrase The Drabble Project:

Drabble is played sitting around a fire, while sipping brandy and partaking of pleasant conversation with friends.

The first person to finish writing a novel wins.


Drabble has been played since 1816 (Mary Shelley won this first game with her novel "Frankenstein') but the name "Drabble' comes from much later (a Monty Python sketch) and the game only properly started off at Birmingham University's Science Fiction Society in the early 1980's when the hundred word variant of the game was introduced.


Rules for Drabble: Hundred Word Variant

Each author writes a novel of exactly one hundred words. Up to fifteen extra words are allowed for the title and sub-titles. Counting hyphenated-words-as-one-word-will-cause-huge-arguments!


Enough explanations. Here is the very first Transformers Drabble. Exactly 100 words, not counting the title.

* * *

Spittor, the Beast Wars frog, walked into a bank with a tiny model of Waspinator in his hand, and he tried to get a bank loan.

"My father is Mick Jagger," said Spittor. "He'll guarantee the loan for sure."

The bank teller, whose nametag read 'Ms Patricia Whack', looked doubtfully at Spittor.

"I'll just check with my manager," she said, taking Spittor's model with her.

Patricia told her manager about Spittor's request, and she held up the model, asking, "What's this?"

The manager replied, "It's a knickknack, Patty Whack. Give the frog a loan. His old man's a Rolling Stone."

* * *

I hope everyone knows that 'Knicknack Paddy Whack, Give a Dog A Bone, This Old Man Came Rolling Home' song or I'm in trouble! ;-)

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