Meggy's Nursery Conquest! by Crazomatic
featured storySummary: Meggy teams up with Unicron in his latest scheme to kill off Oppie Prime. This is a parody of the cartoon 'Muppet Babies' and follows the previous chapter, "Meggy's Glorious Destiny!" G1 universe. This is the Transformer Babies saga!
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1. Meggy's Nursery Conquest! by Crazomatic

Meggy's Nursery Conquest! by Crazomatic

Here is chapter 3 of the Transformer Babies saga. I must say how absolutely delighted I was to receive all the feedback on the previous chapter, Meggy’s Glorious Destiny. Thank you!

This is the order in which this saga begins:

1. Transformer Babies
2. Meggy’s Glorious Destiny!
3. Meggy’s Nursery Conquest! (which you are reading right now)

NOTE=About this story~ This is not meant to be taken literally (so don’t say things like, “Ah Man, Transformers as babies? That sucks and can’t happen!”) and give me some terrible rating. I KNOW that they can’t really be ‘babies’. Remember, this is a parody of ‘Muppet Babies’ and was written as a fun joke that pokes fun at the Transformers from the G1 universe. It’s not to be taken seriously.

Personal Disclaimer: I do not own Muppet Babies or the Transformers, and I also make no money off the fic (and if I did, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now and I wouldn’t be telling YOU that I did, right?)

Okay! So here you go, Chapter 4!


(The G1 Babies are all sleeping peacefully during naptime in the nursery. Oppie is sleeping in his toy chest, Meggy is curled up with his favorite teddy bear (his leg is twitching), Screamy is sleeping in a crib sucking his thumb, and the rest were all nearby in dreamland)


(All the babies jolt awake. Nanny runs in the nursery to see what’s wrong)

Nanny: Meggy? What’s wrong?

Meggy: NANNY NANNY! (He runs to her and she picks him) DON’T LEAVE ME NANNY! (he buries his head in her shoulder)

Nanny: I won’t leave you Meggy. Did you have a bad dream?

Meggy: Yes, it was about being inside Unicron again (his optics fill with tears), he ate me alive, Nanny!

Nanny: He sure did, Meggy. But luckily you were brought out in time.

Meggy: I’ll never forget what happened!

+++++++++++++(Flashback #1)++++++++++++++++

Meggy’s thoughts: There I was, getting sucked into Unicron, with only Soundwave to help me.


(Soundwave pulls as hard as he can, but Unicron slurps him down. After a long game of dodge-ball, the babies decide it was time to get Meggy out).

Ultra Mags: Okay Unicron! You let Meggy go this instant or we’ll take out our secret weapon. Hit it Oppie!

(Oppie takes out the blue glowing ball thingy. Unicron shrinks in fear and Meggy is soon spit out)


Starscream: BOOOOOO!

Meggy: OH YUCK! THAT WAS DISGUSTING! (he crawls to his feet wiping off the goo, then looks at Soundwave) SOUNDWAVE! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG?

(Soundwave looks at the ground in shame)

Meggy: WELL?

Soundwave: Dodge-ball, Mighty Meggy.

(All the babies giggle)

Meggy: Dodge-ball? You went and played a game of dodge-ball when I was trapped inside this metallic monstrosity?

Ultra Mags: And he won the game too! Soundwave is a great dodge-ball player.

Hot Roddy: YEAH! (looking at Soundwave) It’s almost as if you know where the person is going to throw the ball before they ever do it!

Ultra Mags: You know, that is kinda weird Soundwave, how do you do that?

(Soundwave shrugs and walks to the side of Meggy)

Meggy: Don’t stand beside me, Soundwave. I’m mad at you and need time to think about whether you’re still my friend. (he walks away from everybody to spend time alone. Soundwave looks crushed)

Ultra Mags: He’ll be alright Soundwave, want to play another game?

Hot Roddy: I want Soundwave on my team!

Kup: Soundwave? Want to play on another game on my team?

(Soundwave looks at everybody completely astonished)

(Oppie nods in agreement and grabs Soundwave’s arm. Soundwave is literally dragged back to the court by all the babies excited to play more games with him)

Jazz: Soundwave is so cool!

(Unicron rolls himself over to the court and watches the game as if nothing ever happened)

(Meggy is seen sitting on a hill that overlooks all the babies playing dodge ball. He scowls at them in a frustration and takes out a small notebook from his arm compartment. He decides to write down some thoughts to help him get his priorities straight)

Meggy’s Priorities,

1. Conquer the Universe

2. Kill Oppie Prime

3. Kill Ultra Mags

4. Kill Screamy

5. Kill Unicron

6. Slap Soundwave upside head

Meggy smiles at the notebook with satisfaction, then puts it back in his arm compartment. Nanny blows a whistle and they run back to the nursery.

++++++++++++++++End of flashback++++++++++++++

Nanny: It’s all over now, Meggy. Unicron won’t ever try to eat you again. I promise.

Meggy: How do you know that, Nanny?

Nanny: Because he promised!

(Meggy slaps his hand against his forehead in frustration)

Meggy: But just because he TOLD you that doesn’t mean he won’t do it again! Don’t you know anything about deception, Nanny?

Nanny: Well, I know that telling a lie is a very harmful thing to do. And I like to believe that Unicron will stand by his promises.

Meggy: What promises? Don’t you remember how he promised to stop doing that before? He ate Ultra Maggy three times already! (He wanted to give Nanny an angry look, but instead giggled at the thought of Ultra Maggy getting eaten three times in a row)

Nanny: Oh, my precious little one. You must learn to trust your playmates, it will help you when you’re older. Now why don’t you run along now and start playing with your friends?

Meggy: Well. . . . (his optics fill with tears), maybe because I don’t have any friends.

Nanny: What? But you and Soundwave are the best of friends. And I saw you playing with Screamy just the other day. How can you say you don’t have any friends?

Meggy: Soundwave WAS my best friend, but he has other friends now, and as for that insolent piece of sh. . . . .(he stops and remembers who he’s talk too), uh. . . .Screamy, well, he’s not playing with me right now, either.

Nanny: I’m sure you will all be friends again in no time. (she puts him down) Now go and ask them to play with you.

Meggy: (Realizing he’s getting nowhere) Okay Nanny! (He runs around the nursery with a big smile. When she leaves, he runs into the Fisher Price plastic fort and sits down, thinking, “YEAH RIGHT!”)

(Meggy peaks out of the window and sees Soundwave surrounded by playmates happily talking to him like he was the most popular baby in the nursery. Meggy then sees Screamy standing all alone watching Soundwave too. Meggy smiles an evil smile. At least he’s not the only one alone! He then looks out the fort window again toward Soundwave)

Ultra Maggy: Hey Soundwave? What other games do you play?

Jazz: Hey Soundwave? Will you sit next to me during snack time?

Dirge: Hey Soundwave? Can you show me how to improve my ball throwing skills?

(In the middle of all the clamor, Soundwave senses somebody’s watching him. He looks to his left and sees a pair of red eyes peering at him from the fort window. When their eyes meet, Meggy’s head ducks down out of view. Soundwave let’s out a sad, heavy sigh)

(Meggy sits on the fort floor with his arms crossed looking angry. Soundwave was HIS best friend, and now he’s “Mr. Popular himself.” While lost in his thoughts, he hears somebody calling his name)

Meggy-tron. . . . . . . . . . .Meggy-tron. . . . . . . . . . . .Meggy-tron.

Meggy: (peaks out the window) WHAT!

Unicron: I must speak with you immediately, Meggy-tron.

Meggy: What do YOU want?

Unicron: I have a proposition for you Meggy-tron. Come out so we can talk.

Meggy: Yeah right! You’re just saying that so you can try to eat me again!

Unicron: No, Meggy-tron. I have summoned you for a purpose.

Meggy: (Meggy walks to the fort entrance, puts his hands on his hips and says defiantly) Nobody summons MEGGY-TRON!

Unicron: Come out of the fort and let’s talk.

Meggy: AH BITE ME! Whoops! I didn’t mean to say that! I mean, GO AWAY!

Unicron: We must join forces to defeat a common enemy.

Meggy: Why should I? What’s in it for me?

Unicron: If you listen to what I have to say, both of us can get what we want.

Meggy: I’ll give you five seconds to talk, so this better be good!

Unicron: Only five seconds?

Meggy: Yes, I’m a very busy baby you know!

Unicron: Weren’t you just sitting on the floor doing nothing?

Meggy: Well, . . . .yes, . . . . . .but,. . . . .ah,. . . . . .OH SHUT UP!

Unicron: Okay, okay! I understand that you don’t like your playmate, Oppie Prime.

Meggy: Well there’s a no brainer! So, what of it?

Unicron: If you help me get the Matrix he carries, I will make sure Oppie Prime never bothers you again!

Meggy: I utterly detest sounding ignorant, but. . . . .what’s the Matrix?

Unicron: It’s the blue glowing ball thingy he carries in his chest.

Meggy: Oh, you mean it actually has a name?

Unicron: Yes, and if you bring it to me, I will swallow up Oppie Prime forever and never let him go!

Meggy: Hey, that’s a pretty good plan! I think I like the sound of that (rubs chin thoughtfully)

Unicron: Excellent. And now I will make you a new best friend.

Meggy: You can do that? How?

Unicron: Watch this! (Unicron levitates Meggy’s favorite teddy bear off the ground)


(Unicron transforms Meggy’s bear into a purple baby bot, complete with diaper)


Unicron: Behold! Your new best friend as payment for your service! (the new baby stands up)

Unicron: He will be your most loyal friend, even more loyal than Soundwave.

Meggy: What’s his name?

Unicron: I think I shall call him, Shockwave!

Shockwave: Greetings Meggy, I predict a 98.97% probability that we will get along just fine!

Meggy: Uh. . . .well I guess so. Although I didn’t know my teddy bear was a complete nerd (crosses arms and looks away mad)

Unicron: Bring me the Matrix. I’ll be waiting for you (Unicron then rolls away to go talk to Soundwave with all the other babies)

Meggy: Hmmmm. . . . . .In order for me to pull this off, I’m going to need more help. (He glances over at Screamy) and some bait!

(Meggy and Shockwave walk over to Screamy)

Meggy: I have come to bring you some good news!

Screamy: (jumps) MEGGY! Uh. . . . . .What good news?

Meggy: I have decided to allow you to be in my club again.

Screamy: (suspicious) WHY?

Meggy: Because I have pardoned you. But if you double cross me again, you’ll be sorry!

Screamy: Oh, . . . . (has no idea what the word ‘pardoned’ means) .So how much is it going to cost me this time?

Meggy: Nothing, only your absolute cooperation!

Screamy: Well I guess so. Whose your new friend?

Meggy: This is Shockwave. Say hello, Shockwave.

Shockwave: Hmmmm, you look rather weak to me. Are you positive he doesn’t need to be terminated instead, Meggy?

Starscream: WHY YOU! (clenches fists)

Meggy: WHOW! I thought you were totally nerdy, but now I see Unicron’s given you some attitude!

Screamy: Yeah well I’ve got attitude too! Don’t make me angry Shocky, or you will regret it! Shockwave: Judging by your lack of intelligence, I predict a 57.75% chance you are a physical threat to me.

Starscream: Oh, I don’t need to throw punches, Shocky! I can do far worse things!

Shockwave: Really? And what is that?

Starscream: Like this! (rips off Shockwave’s diaper and runs)

Shockwave: MY DIAPER!

Meggy: Yup, he’s completely evil alright! AFTER HIM! (Meggy and Shockwave chase Screamy around the nursery)

(Starscream runs over to where Soundwave and the others are talking)

Starscream: LOOK OUT! (Screamy zooms by Soundwave with the diaper in his hands, knocking him over and runs out garden patio door to hide. Meggy and Shockwave run up to Soundwave to catch their breath).

Soundwave: Meggy! (face lights up)

Meggy: (awkward) Uh. . . . . .hi, Soundwave. Meet my new friend Shockwave.


Shockwave: Greetings, insignificant ones.

(Screamy sticks his head out of the garden patio door)

Screamy: What does IN. . . .SIG. . . . NIFI. . . .CANT mean?

Meggy: You just wait until I get my hands on you! (He runs over to chase Starscream again)

Ultra Maggy: So, Shockwave. What do you like to do?

Shockwave: I desire to rid the world of inefficient creatures.

Ultra Maggy: Huh? (he looks at Oppie, who looks back and shrugs)

Kup: Does that mean you like to play ball?

Shockwave: I detest games. They are a waste of resources.

Hot Roddy: Well then what DO you like to do?

Shockwave: I like to compute my chances of not talking to YOU anymore.

Hot Roddy: Hey don’t be rude! I was just asking, that’s all!

(Meggy runs back over with Shockwaves diaper. He has Starscream by the audio receptor)

Starscream: OW! OW! OW!

Ultra Maggy: Your friend Shockwave here is weird, Meggy.

Kup: Yeah, really weird!

Hot Roddy: HA HA! No wonder why he’s hanging around with you, Meggy!

(Babies giggle, with the exception of Soundwave)

Meggy: WELL I DON’T BLAME HIM! WHO WOULD WANT TO HANG AROUND A BUNCH OF LOSERS LIKE YOU! C’MON SHOCKWAVE! (He storms off still grabbing hold of Starscream’s audio receptor. Shockwave follows)

(Soundwave lets out a deep, heavy sigh, thinking, “Meggy has a new best friend now”)

Back at the Fisher Price Plastic Fort, Meggy throws Starscream in the entrance with Shockwave following.

Screamy: Ouch, jerk! That hurt! (rubs side of head)

Meggy: Quiet! I have a new plan and you are GOING to help me!

Screamy: Well, it better be worth it! Last time you had a plan it didn’t work.

Meggy: This plan will succeed! Shockwave has already computed my chances of success!

Shockwave: I predict a 99.9% probability that if the plan is executed as scheduled it will be the end of Oppie Prime and the Matrix!

Screamy: Cool! But. . . . . um, what’s the Matrix?

Meggy: It the blue glowing ball thingy he keeps inside himself, dummy! GAWD! Can’t you figure anything out?

Screamy: Oh, (feeling stupid)

Meggy: Here’s the deal. You are going to get swallowed by Unicron; then when Oppie takes out the Matrix, I will grab it from him and give it to Unicron, who will then spit you out and swallow Oppie Prime instead! MUHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!!


Meggy: Yes you will! Otherwise I will ask Unicron to eat you too and never let you out!

Screamy: AAAHHHHH! I don’t want to this! You can’t make me! I’ll tell Nanny on you!

Meggy: Really? She won’t be able to hear you inside the belly of Unicron! Oh Unicroooooooon. . . .

Screamy: OKAY OKAY! I’ll DO IT!

Meggy: Excellent! Now here is how we’ll fool them! (whispers plan to them)

(Meanwhile, on the other side of the nursery. . . .)

Ultra Maggy: Soundwave, you are now officially the President of The Dodge-ball League!


Ultra Maggy: This honor is given to you because of your unbroken number of wins during recess. Congratulations, Soundwave!

(Soundwave is handed a new rubber ball as a prize)


(Soundwave looks embarrassed)

Hot Rod: C’mon Soundwave! Say Something!

Soundwave: Well. . . . . . . . . . .I would like to start off by saying, . . . . .

Meggy: OH! Somebody help me! OH the torment! HELP HELP!

(All the babies look over to see what’s wrong).

(Meggy and Shockwave run over to them)

Meggy: Oh it’s just awful! To behold such treachery before my eyes is too much for me! Oppie! You must come quickly! Only you can save Screamy! (he climbs on Oppie, pushing him over on his back). YOU’VE GOT TO HELP HIM, OPPIE! (shakes him) DO SOMETHING NOW!

Ultra Maggy: Wait happened Meggy? (Meggy climbs off Oppie)

Meggy: Unicron has just swallowed Screamy!

Kup: Oh great! He really needs to stop doing that! I mean, he could get serious planet diarrhea from doing that!

(All the babies stop and look at Kup)

Kup: (noticing their confused looks) Well. . . . .HE CAN!

Ultra Maggy: What do you know about planet diarrhea, anyhow Kup?

Kup: (rambling) Only that he can because my cousin was on this planet once that was alive and the air always smelled bad because the planet kept letting out these huge . . . . . .

Meggy: OKAY! This discussion is getting really gross!

Ultra Maggy: Yeah! Tell me about it!

Meggy: You actually hang around with this kid? And you call me weird? Whatever!

Kup: Well it did! I remember the whole conversation. Humph! (he storms away)

Grimlock: NO! Me Grimmy want to know what planet let out of self!

Hot Roddy: Use your imagination, Grimmy!

Grimlock: NO! YOU TELL ME, GRIMMY NOW!!! (begins to jump up and down in a tantrum)

Hot Roddy: OKAY! I’LL TELL YOU! (whispers in Grimmy’s audio receptor)

Grimlock: Oh. . . . . .Me Grimmy think that disgusting!

Hot Roddy: Uh huh.

Meggy: Now, where was I again? Oh yes, PLEASE HELP ME OPPIE! (clasps hands together and pleads)

(Oppie gets a look of concern on his face, then runs over to Meggy and bear hugs him, nodding “yes”)

Meggy: OKAY OKAY! DON’T HUG ME! (pushes Oppie away, looking disgusted). Ultra Maggy: Where’s Unicron now, Meggy?

Meggy: Here’s over there! (points)

Ultra Maggy: Let’s go Oppie!

(The babies start to run over to Unicron, whose hiding behind the fort with Screamy in his mouth, sticking out halfway)

Screamy: They’re coming! Let’s get this over with, my feet feel like they are standing in wet spaghetti!

(Unicron slurps Starscream down)

Unicron: BURP!

Ultra Maggy: There he is! Behind the fort! (they all run over)

Meggy: OH! MY POOR FRIEND STARSCREAM! (gets on knees and covers face) THIS IS JUST TERRIBLE!

(The gang stops and looks at Meggy)

Ultra Maggy: Uh, there’s something wrong here. Since when were you ever Screamy’s friend?

(Babies all go “Yeah?”)

Meggy: Since the day I discovered what a sweet soul he really is! (Tries to sound and look sympathetic. Shockwave pats him on the back)

Ultra Maggy: Sweet soul? And what would you know about sweet souls, Meggy!

Meggy: (getting off ground and sounding slightly irritated) What? You don’t think I don’t know what a sweet soul is?

Ultra Maggy: Actually. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .no.

Meggy: (get’s in Ultra Maggy’s face) WELL I DON’T CARE THAT YOU DON’T THINK I KNOW WHAT A SWEET SOUL IS! WHY I OUTTA. . . . . . . .uh, (comes back to his senses and looks at Shockwave) I mean,. . . . . .uh, let’s just go and rescue Screamy, alright?

Ultra Maggy: Fine, let’s go Oppie! (they march off to face Unicron. Meggy lets out an evil smirk)

(The babies all face Unicron)

Ultra Maggy: Alright Unicron! Feeding times over! Hand over Screamy right now, or we’ll use our secret weapon on you!

Unicron: NO!

Kup: You should probably let Screamy go, Unicron. You could get planet diarrhea from doing that!


Ultra Maggy: Alright! Enough! We are NOT going to talk about diarrhea right now! We have to rescue Screamy!


Unicron: Who has gotten planet diarrhea?

Kup: (steps up delighted somebody asked about his story) Well, . . . . .my cousin was on this planet once where he and the entire crew needed to wear protective suits because the planet kept letting out these humongous runny pieces of. . . . . . . . .


Kup: Well, he did have it! And if it got into your armor, it would stain it this weird brown color and mmmmmph! (Oppie walks behind Kup and puts his hand over his mouth).


Unicron: HA HA HA HA! Oh! You mean Uncle Bob? He got a wicked case of it and needed to vacate the galaxy because of his bad diarrhea!

(Kup struggles free from Oppie’s grip) AH HA! You see? I wasn’t lying! I told you I knew about it!

Hot Rod: You know what, Kup? Sometimes it’s not always okay for you to tell us EVERYTHING you know!

Kup: Hey! I’m just trying to warn you! But luckily you can smell him coming from light years away if ya know what I mean!

Meggy: Well, thank you very much Kup, I was just about to say how always wanted to visit a PLANT WITH DIARRHEA PROBLEMS! YOU’RE SUCH A MORON I SWEAR!

Kup: Well . . .HE DID.

Meggy: WHATEVER! Now, where were we again before this fool got us off track? Oh yes, we were attempting to rescue Screamy.

Kup: I’m not a fool!

(Shockwave transforms to gun mode and lands in Meggy’s hand)


Ultra Maggy: Alright! Enough the both of you! (Meggy lowers Shockwave, and he transforms back to robot mode)

Ultra Maggy: Now we’re only going to give you ONE last chance Unicron, let Screamy go now or ELSE!

Unicron: I’m sorry, I’m having a hard time hearing lately, won’t you come closer?

(Oppie and Ultra Maggy move in closer)


(Oppie opens up his chest compartment and takes out the blue glowing ball thingy)

Unicron: You’re going to have to come closer. . . . . . . .closer I say!

(Ultra Maggy, Meggy, Shockwave, and Oppie move up almost to Unicron’s mouth)

Meggy: That is the signal! Get him Shockwave!

(Shockwave rams into Oppie, knocking the Matrix from his hands. Meggy runs over and grabs it from the ground)


(Unicron spits out Screamy and rolls over to Oppie, ready to suck him down, but Ultra Maggy grabs Oppie by the arm and drags him away. Unicron rolls around the nursery chasing Ultra Maggy dragging Oppie. Meanwhile, Meggy is fumbling with the Matrix, trying to see what’s inside of it)

Screamy: THAT WAS SO GROSS! I’M NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN MEGGY! (he gets up and wipes off the goo)

Meggy: (looking up and seeing Unicron roll after Ultra Maggy) GET THEM UNICRON! GET THEM GOOD!

Hot Roddy: Hey! You’re trying to hurt my friends! (Roddy transforms and hits Meggy, who falls over and drops the Matrix. Roddy transforms back to robot mode and picks up the Matrix. Roddy then begins to grow in size and the voice of Peter Cullen is heard booming over the nursery, saying “Arise Training Pants Prime.”)

(Everybody in the nursery stops what they are doing and looks around for the mysterious voice)

Meggy: Who in the hell keeps doing that! (all the babies looks at each other and shrug)

(Training Pants Prime looks like the size of a toddler now and wears a pair of golden Huggies Pull Up Training Pants).

Meggy: Give me that Matrix! (They start tug of warring over the Matrix., meanwhile, Unicron resumes rolling around after Ultra Maggy)

(Shockwave runs over and helps Meggy grab the Matrix. Training Pants Prime pulls as hard as he can, but both of them pull harder and he losses the war, turning back into Hot Roddy. Kup and Jazz run over to help Hot Roddy, who fell down.)

(Meanwhile, Ultra Maggy pushes Oppie into the toy chest and jumps for cover, but Unicron gets him and slurps him down. He then turns and starts to grab the toy chest with his pinchers)

Meggy runs over and says to Unicron with glee, “I have the Matrix! Now what do you want me to do?”

Unicron: Destroy it for me!

Meggy: Huh? Destroy it? You never said anything about me having to DESTROY IT! How in world am I going to do something like that?


Meggy: Okay, here! (hands it to Screamy) Go and do something with this!

Screamy: What! (he holds it like it has the cooties) What am I going to do with it?

Meggy: Oh, I don’t know moron! Think of something!

Screamy: Ewwwww! I don’t know!

Meggy: Wait, I have an idea! (he transforms to gun mode and lands in Screamy’s hand) Load it inside of me!

Screamy: Good idea! (He loads the Matrix into Meggy)

Kup: No you don’t Meggy! (He jumps over and slaps Meggy out of Screamy’s hand. The Matrix falls out of Meggy’s barrel and spins on the ground. Hot Roddy, Kup, Jazz, Screamy, Meggy and Shockwave all dog pile on top of each other trying to get it.)

(Unicron has taken a huge bite out of toy chest trying to devour Oppie)


Nanny: Hi kids, what are you. . . .UH, OH MY GOODNESS! UNICRON! (Unicron is seen eating half of toy chest, while Oppie is standing on the other side looking terrified)


(Nanny runs over and grabs Oppie out of toy chest just as Unicron eats it)

(The babies in the dog pile are thrown off as a bright light emits from underneath them. Hot Roddy bursts up in a standing position as he holds the Matrix in his hand)

Hot Roddy: I’VE GOT IT! (he grows in size back to Training Pants Prime and the voice of Peter Cullen booms through the nursery saying, “Arise AGAIN Training Pants Prime!”)

Meggy: Whoever you are, SHUT UP!

Peter Cullen: You shut up, Meggy! Just wait ‘till you get older!

(Meggy looks terrified and hides in the Fisher Price plastic fort)

(Nanny looks at Oppie with surprise. Oppie shrugs at Nanny like, “I didn’t say it!”)

Nanny: That’s enough everybody! Stop this fighting immediately. (The babies get up and dust themselves off, looking ashamed they upset Nanny)

Nanny: Hot Roddy, give me that toy! (Training Pants Prime walks over and hands it to Nanny, turning back into Hot Roddy)

Nanny: All this fighting over a silly toy! I’m surprised at you, I know I raised better bot tots than this!

Kup: Unicron has Ultra Maggy in his tummy again, Nanny!

Nanny: Unicron! You promised you weren’t going to do that anymore, spit him out right now!

(Unicron snivels at the hard tone of Nanny’s voice, then spits out Ultra Maggy and starts crying)

Ultra Maggy: OH YUCK! THAT’S FOUR TIMES NOW! (he wipes off the goo) Just wait until I get my hands on that Meggy-tron!

Nanny: Meggy was behind this? Meggy, come out of that fort this minute! (Meggy slowly walks out of the fort looking scared)

Nanny: You are going to do everybody’s chores for a whole week for telling Unicron to eat Ultra Maggy!

Meggy: BUT. . . .BUT, I DIDN’T TELL UNIC. . . . . . .

Nanny: No more out of you Meggy! Now, Unicron, you are going to stay in the kitchen with me and I’ll feed you right away! (Unicron stops crying and happily rolls into the kitchen)

Nanny: Now, who does this toy belong too?

Ultra Maggy: It belongs to Oppie, Nanny.

Nanny: Here, I’m very sorry your toy was taken away from you. (she hands him his “toy” and he happily hugs it)

Nanny: And as for the rest of you, you need to behave for the rest of the day or you will all go to bed a half hour early! (all the babies look horrified. She then walks away into the kitchen to feed Unicron)

Meggy: Well that just sucks! (he crosses his arms)

Ultra Maggy: Good! I hope you have fun cleaning up the whole house for the next week you mean bully!

Meggy: SHUT UP!

“I’ll help you Meggy!”

(Meggy turns around and finds Soundwave.)

Meggy: You’ll. . . . . .you’ll do that for me, Soundwave?

Soundwave: Sure! Only if that means that we can be friends again.

Meggy: Okay! (Meggy is secretly extremely happy to have Soundwave back as his friend)

Soundwave: Do I still get to play Dodge Ball? I’m the league president.

Meggy: Yes, I guess you can play, Soundwave. Only when I decide to play, you had better let me win!

Soundwave: Agreed, Mighty Meggy!

Shockwave: Uh, who is this?

Meggy: This is my friend, Soundwave. Soundwave, this is Shockwave!

Shockwave: Did Unicron ever give you permission to have any other friends other than me?


Shockwave: Forgive me, Meggy-tron, I just thought that I would be your only friend.

Meggy: I can’t believe he made you think that. Now tell me, Shockwave. What is my probability of getting out of having to clean the whole house? Shockwave: My best estimate is 0%

Meggy: Damn. You’re worthless you know that? Why don’t you just TRY and give me a number to please me?

Shockwave: You mean use deception?

Meggy: YES!

Shockwave: Alright, I predict a . . . . . uh. . . .a 87.4% probability that you will succeed in not having to clean the whole house.

Meggy: Hey! I like those odds! C’mon guys, lets go find Screamy and make him an offer he can’t refuse.

The End – well, until next time that is ;)


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