Art of Death by Deadeyes
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Summary: Pase's story is not what you'd expect....
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Pase was another curious new spark. She was fasinated with life, but mostly death. She was interested with assassinations. She a contract with Megatron and she then assassinated an Autobot named Lingerbolt. She was then approached by a bounty hunter named Deathstrike. The bounty hunter/assassin offered her a partnership. He left out that if she failed any of her missons, his hirers would kill her. She accepted, not knowing this. Her life could end at any moment, but Pase is going to make the most of her job.

Rated: G
Categories: Transformers: Prime, Shattered Glass, Origins
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Series: Art of Death
Chapters: 5
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Complete?: No - Published: 02/12/14 - Last Updated: 23/06/15