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My War for Cybertron/G1/Japanese G1 series by Phoenixfire90
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These are my stories from the My War for Cybertron/G1/Japanese G1 series.

From Phoenixfire's beginnings to end, this covers all 3 series.

Stories currently include: My Fan-made Characters Tech Spec, 1: A Bond That Can Never Be Broken, 2: Time Stealer, 3; Separating of Paths, 3 & 1/2; The Creed Chronicles and 4; Plague of The Wild.

I would like to thank Dark Primus for the help and permission he has gave me.

Categories: Generation One, Japanese Generation One, War For Cybertron Game
Characters: Bumblebee (G1,G2) - aka Goldbug, Cliffjumper (G1), Draco Prime, Elita One (G1), Ironhide (G1,G2,Transformers Movie 2007), Jazz (G1,G2), Megatron (G1,G2,MW), Optimus Prime (G1,G2,MW,RM,TFU, Transformers Movie 2007), Phoenixfire Prime, Prowl (G1,MW), Ratchet (G1), Shockwave (G1), Soundwave (G1,G2), Starscream (G1,G2,BW,MW,RM), Thundercracker (G1,MW), Wheeljack (G1, Alt)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance and Adventure, Tech Spec
Location: Gallery, Library
Parent Series: None
Stories: 6
Series Type: Closed

My Fan-made Characters Tech Spec by Phoenixfire90, Dark Primus

Rated: G • starstarstarhalf-star

My character's tech spec's. This includes G1, 07 movie/RotF/DotM and (Prime) versions of each character.

1: A Bond That Can Never Be Broken by Phoenixfire90

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star

During the third cybertronian war, a young drone and a little yellow transformer will form a bond that can never be broken.

Most of this story is told from Bumblebee's point of view.

This is based on the War for Cybertron game out now!!

2: Time Stealer by Phoenixfire90

Rated: G •

The Doctor and Donna are chasing 2 Transformers through time and space in the TARDIS, little do they know that will lead them into a whole new adventure.

Note: This is the sequel to 1: A Bond That Can Never be Broken, but you don't need to read the first story to read this one.

3; Separating of Paths by Phoenixfire90

Rated: G •

This is it, the long awaited third book in my series.

Things on Cybertron are going from bad to worse, with energon quickly running out and the civilians are either starving or getting killed by the Decepticons.

Optimus Prime comes up with the last ditch plan, to leave Cybertron to look for new resources.

But Megatron has the same plan. What could go wrong?

Takes place 1 year, just before and during the first 10 minutes of More Than Meets The Eye Part 1.

3 & 1/2; The Creed Chronicles by Phoenixfire90

Rated: G •

Takes place in-between '3; Separating of Paths' and '4; Plague of The Wild'.

During the 4 million years the Ark Crew went missing for, The Creed of the Phoenix and the Dragon and the Female Autobots have to team up for they're survival, but with growing tensions between Elita-1 (who is expecting a child) and Phoenixfire (who wants nothing to do with him or her), things start to look uncertain for both groups.

4: Plague of The Wild by Phoenixfire90

Rated: G •

Set after 3: Separating of Paths and 3 & 1/2: The Creed Chronicles between 1987 and 1990 on both Earth and Cybertron, set after season/series 2.

2 years after the Autobots and the Decepticons woke up on Earth, Optimus Prime wonders about the fate of The Creed Of The Phoenix And The Dragon and his two children Phoenixfire and Draco. But with sightings turning up here and there on Cybertron of the Creed members, will the Female, Male and Creed Autobots reunite?