Submission Rules

Submission Rules

What kind of submissions are unacceptable on Lexicon?

Submissions with similar titles - For instance, "My Fanfic - Chapter One", "My Fanfic - Chapter Two". Submissions with similar titles clog the search engine and the Lexicon administration staff try to avoid them. Use the chapter feature to upload your work chapter by chapter as one submission, or upload it as a single submission

Flames - Personal attacks of any kind are unacceptable

Submissions with bad spelling/grammar - Show us you care about your submissions by checking them thoroughly before you send them, and fixing all the spelling and grammar. If your language skills aren't strong, get other people with good language skills to check your submission for you. Bad spelling and grammar are hard to read and send a strong message that the author doesn't care about their submission. If the author doesn't care about their own submission, why should anyone else care enough to post it on the web or read it?

Disclaimers - Put them in your submission, don't post them by themselves

Author comments - Put them in your submission, don't post them by themselves

One line submissions - We need more than that!

Plagiarised works - If you use another author's idea, ask their permission first or at least put a note in your submission to let the readers know where your idea came from. If you use a quote from another author, or alter song lyrics to make a song parody, make sure you note the source of the quote, including title and the author's name

Reviews of other submissions - Reviews are welcome, but they're got to be submitted using the 'review' links, not the 'Add New Story' links

Swear words or adult themes - Submissions containing swear words or adult themes in the title will be immediately rejected. Please give submissions containing swear words or adult themes an 'Adult' rating.

The following are spam and cannot be accepted by Lexicon:

Advertising for products, services, other websites etc.

Do not upload the same submission multiple times under different titles, or different categories, so that Lexicon ends up with many copies of the same submission. Multiple copies will be deleted.

Do not change the names of the locations/characters in a submission in order to upload it many times to different categories under different titles. (For instance, writing a Beast Wars crossover with Star Wars, and changing the names of the Star Wars characters to Generation One characters in order to upload it to multiple categories is unacceptable.)


Author Interview

If you want to submit an author interview, these are the questions to answer:

1. What is your name or nick?
2. What is your E-mail address/addresses?
3. How old are you?
4. Are you female or male?
5. What is the name of your home page name and what is its URL?
6. List the Transformers fanfics have you written.
7. Which, of the Transformers fanfics you've written, is your favorite and why?
8. Of those characters whom you've written about in your fanfics, who are your personal favorites and why?
9. Which is your favorite Transformers fanfic written by someone else and why?
10. What influences you to write Transformers fanfic the way you do?
11. What other Transformers fanfics writers write in a similar way to you?
12. How much time do you usually spend writing Transformers fanfic?
13. What inspired you to write Transformers fanfic?
14. What drew you to Transformers in particular?
15. Who is your favorite Generation 1 or Generation 2 Transformers character (fan-created or official) and why?
16. What do you like most about the official Generation 1 and Generation 2 canon?
17. Who is your favorite Beast Wars character (fan-created or official) and why?
18. What do you like about the Beast Wars canon the most?
19. What do you like most about the Beast Machines canon?
20. Who is your favorite Beast Machines character (fan-created or official) and why?
21. What do you like most about the Robots in Disguise canon?
22. Who is your favorite Robots in Disguise character (fan-created or official) and why?
23. What do you like most about the Armada canon?
24. Who is your favorite Armada character (fan-created or official) and why?
25. Who is your favorite Energon character (fan-created or official) and why?
26. What do you like most about the Energon canon?
27. Who is your favorite Universe character (fan-created or official) and why?
28. What do you like most about the Universe canon?
29. Who is your favorite Cybertron character (fan-created or official) and why?
30. What do you like most about the Cybertron canon?
31. What do you like most about the Live-Action Movie?
32. Who is your favorite Live-Action Movie character and why?
33. What do you like about the Animated series?
34. Who is your favorite Animated character (fan-created or official) and why?
35. Do you have a favorite character from any of the Japanese-exclusive series or lines? If so, who?
36. What parts of your Transformers fanfics are based on events in real life?
37. What would you like to change about the Transformers fanfics you've written?
38. What do you consider to be a trite or overused theme in fanfics and why?
39. Have you had any interesting feedback as a result of your Transformers fanfics?
40. How much time do you spend online? What percentage of that time is devoted to Transformers?
41. Which Transformers newsgroups do you use? What is your nick on each?
42. Have you any other comments to make about Transformers fanfic?

(Original questions by Charl et al. Update, dated May 2008, by Firestorm.)


Submission Instructions

Written Submissions:

To Add A New Story

1. Login, then click on Account Info.

2. Your Member Account Links will appear. Click on Add A New Story.

3. The Add New Story form appears.

4. You MUST fill in the fields where a red asterisk appears. These fields are Title, Summary, Selected Categories, Rating (which will always be G as Lexicon doesn't archive porn or extremely violent submissions) and Story Text (which is where the body of your story goes, so it really needs to be filled in.)

5. If you don't select a Category, your submission will be marked as 'Orphan'. To avoid that sad fate, select the correct category from Category Options by clicking until it is highlighted in blue. If you go too far down the categories and they disappear, bring them back by clicking on Back To Main Categories once.

6. When your selected category is highlighted, click on the > button to move your selection into the Selected Categories box. You can move as many categories as appropriate into the Selected Categories box.

Please note that your selection must be moved into the Selected Category box in order for your submission to be placed in a category. Merely highlighting a category in Category Options is not enough.

7. Select the characters appearing in your work by clicking on them until they are highlighted. You can select more than one by holding down the Control key (Command key on a Mac).

8. Select the genre that describes your submission. E.g. Comedy.

9. Select the location. If your work is written, select Library. If it's an image, select Gallery. (See below for more information about submitting images to Lexicon.)

10. Check the complete box if your work is complete.

11. Enter the chapter title. If your work only has one chapter, put the title in there.

12. If you choose to upload your story text, please make sure it's in HTML.

13. Please preview your work before submitting.

 To Manage Your Submissions

1. Login, go to Account Info then choose Manage Stories.

2. You can edit, delete and add new chapters to your stories there.


Image Submissions

Submitting images is similar in many ways to submitting written work, but there are a few differences.

1. Login, go to Account Info then choose Manage Images.

2. Click on Upload New Images to upload images on your hard drive. Maximum image height and width is 800 pixels.

3. Once your image is uploaded, in Manage Images you'll see: File Name - the name of the file you've uploaded, HTML code to use image in story - with a piece of HTML underneath e.g. and Options - View | Delete.

4. Copy, or write down that piece of HTML exactly.

5. Now submitting an image becomes a bit like submitting a piece of written work. Go to Account Info, and click on Add A New Story. Fill in the form as you would for a story, but turn off TinyMCE on Story Text (by clicking on the check box below) and write or paste that piece of HTML into Story Text.

6. Now choose a category, write any end notes or story notes that you like.

7. When you choose a genre, make sure it's an image genre, such as Monochrome Illustration.

8. When you choose Location, choose Gallery.

9. Preview and submit your image.