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Date: 06/12/14 - 01:41 am Title: Chapter 1

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Date: 09/07/14 - 10:23 pm Title: Chapter 1

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Date: 12/12/12 - 10:30 pm Title: Chapter 1

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Date: 27/11/12 - 03:33 am Title: Chapter 1

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Reviewer: Lionel Anonymous [Report This]
Date: 09/10/12 - 03:26 am Title: Chapter 1

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Reviewer: Archaeopteryx Signed [Report This]
Date: 20/10/09 - 10:50 pm Title: Chapter 1

Wow, I didn't know you were still into Transformers, Raksha. :)  Nice to see a new (sort of) piece of work by you.  As a fellow purist I appreciate this essay A LOT.  Even though I started off with BW (I hate BM, incidentally, for about the same reasons you hate BW), I try not to let BW references creep into the G1 fics I write because a.) they usually aren't as cool as the G1 ideas were and b.) I don't think BW is the same continuity as G1 anyway. 

I'm also totally with you about sparks; I was exchanging pms with another writer recently and had this to say about them:

"Is their character determined only by their Spark? If it is, then the reprogramming has to occur in the Spark, because it changes their personality. It is said that their Spark makes them living, sentient individuals; without it, they would be just drones." 
Well, a spark is a BW idea that has been backported into G1.  I'll have to confess that I don't much like the idea of Transformers having them.  In Beast Wars sparks were a quasimystical thing that was supposed to be a Transformer's true essence.  Sparks go the matrix when a Transformer dies, and as Rhinox proved, you can get them back from the matrix after a Transformer dies too.  They can be combined together and float freely without a body, as Tigatron and Airazor proved.  They can be sliced and diced and made invincible and cause a sort of supernatural bodily regeneration, as Rampage and Dinobot demonstrated.  They can be removed from one person's body and added to another person's body to create a super-robot, as Megatron and Optimal Optimus showed.  They have some sort of pain sensors which can work at a distance.  In short, a spark can do and be just about anything--they're essentially a convenient plot device, and this annoys me for some reason. 
I find that G1 makes a lot more sense if you remove the idea of sparks from it altogether.  How did Starscream revive the Combaticons from mere sparkless personality components?  Why does Megatron tell the computer Torq III as he programs it, "Now, you are being programmed with my personality, my instincts, my contempt for the weaklings who would deny me the ultimate greatness I deserve!"?  Why does Starscream's ghost actually look like a ghost instead of a floating spark?  How was Gears' entire personality changed from grumpy to sweet by the removal of what Megatron called a circuit that modulated his personality?  Why was Nightbird, a nonCybertronian who was merely tweaked by Bombshell, angry at the end of the episode?  I could cite more examples, but you get the picture--the creators of G1 weren't thinking of sparks when they wrote the show.   Instead, they pictured the Transformers as being robots with circuits and programming which gave them the capacity to think and feel.  On the other hand, Sea Spray and Rumble survived the Well of Transformation where mere droids did not.  So apparently all those microchips and lines of code add up to a real soul somehow--which would explain Starscream's ghost.  I don't think that this soul needs to be a physically manifested spark. 
When you remove the distinction of having-a-spark vs. not-having-a-spark as the Cybertronian definition of alive vs. a drone, you get interesting results.  Surely no one would argue that computers like Teletraan 1, Torq III, or Deceptitraan have sparks?  Yet all three computers seem to possess intelligence (moreso than the Dinobots) and even emotions.  But the Transformers relate to them as beings with feelings but not rights--sort of like clever animals.   At seeing Teletraan 1 in shambles, Ratchet exclaims at one point "Poor Teletraan 1!"   If Teletraan 1 was just a dumb machine, surely Ratchet would have said something like "Oh, drat!  What a mess!"   As for Torq III, well, it's obvious he feels hatred for the Autobots and desires to increase his power, just like Megatron does.  Finally, in the case of Deceptitraan, Megatron calls the machine a "hysterical computer" and acts as if its existence has no value.   It's plain that Transformers don't relate to their computers as equals, though by human standards those computers would be considered sentient beings who ought to get the same consideration as everyone else.  So for Transformers, what is the definition of "sentient?"  Better yet, what is the Decepticon definition of "sentient" as opposed to "inferior lifeform?"  Do they view humans as nothing more than organic computers that aren't "real people"? 


Anyway, I think the idea of sparks takes away much of the interest in stories... For example: There's an idea that a Transformer can only die when their spark is extinguished, and that if this doesn't happen then no other damage matters a bit.  Well, it's kind of hard to convince a reader that death is imminent (feel fear!  Empathize with the characters!) if damage is essentially meaningless apart from extinguishing that spark. 

The CR tank is a bit of a bummer too; like you were saying, it's more interesting to have interconnections between characters who rely upon each other for their survival than a "magical regenerative device." Maybe if Rhinox had been a medic, he would have had some actual use on the show!

One other thing I'd add to your "annoying BW ideas creeping into G1" thing is the idea of Starscream the Floating Spark.  Ugh, no!  And they portrayed him out of character in BW too.  I'm sorry, but no matter how far you drift (not that Starscream ever "drifted" in G1!) you will not drift backwards in time 4 million years. 

Well, I'm glad I got that out of my system at last. ;)  Enjoyed the essay. :)

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