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Inferno (G1,G2)


4: Plague of The Wild by Phoenixfire90

Rated: G •

Set after 3: Separating of Paths and 3 & 1/2: The Creed Chronicles between 1987 and 1990 on both Earth and Cybertron, set after season/series 2.

2 years after the Autobots and the Decepticons woke up on Earth, Optimus Prime wonders about the fate of The Creed Of The Phoenix And The Dragon and his two children Phoenixfire and Draco. But with sightings turning up here and there on Cybertron of the Creed members, will the Female, Male and Creed Autobots reunite?

Griffin's Tech Specs by Bobbi_Carothers

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Information about the character introduced in Transitions.

Inferno by Dirge

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: A good toy, Inferno had a fair bit of exposure in the G1 cartoon & comic series. While he has some flaws, they're pretty minor. Both modes work and there's some play value in this toy - the ladder itself makes him fun to play with.

Inferno (G2) by Dirge

Rated: G •
Summary: A good toy by itself, essentially redundant if you have the original, a good substitute if you don't.

Means of Persuasion: When They Came For Him by Jackpot

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: This was commmissioned by Merytneith, to go with her excellent "Means of Persuasion" fanfic.

Moment in the Sun by Velvet_Glove

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: In 1999, the Decepticons make their final push to conquer Cybertron. 9 million years ago, Optimus Prime led the first Autobot stand against them. In the present day, he leads a party to rescue some of his earliest comrades-in-arms.

Return of the Dweller by Sheba

Rated: G •
Summary: The Dweller in the Depths is a monstrous energy leech that was once launched from Cybertron by ejecting a power core into space.  It landed on a small Quintesson vessel and absorbed its energy, setting it adrift.  Now the ship and its deadly occupant have drifted back towards Cybertron, being pulled into its gravity.  Now Sheba has to figure out how to defeat the creature before it destroys them all.

based on, and a continuation of, the Transformers G1 Season 3 episode "The Dweller In The Depths" (which was written by Paul Dini).  Takes place in the Big Capture Of 1999/2006 fanfic series where Sheba is Starscream's Guardian Force and a very capable magic user.

Shadow of the Guardian by Sheba

Rated: G •

This story is part one of a collaborative effort between myself and Conveyus-Prime. It takes place in my fanfic universe where magic is quite real and Starscream is protected by an Organic Transformer named Sheba. This takes place in the "Prisoner of Destiny" timeline, after the events of "Magic Adventures".

BTW, Conveyus-Prime is NOT the same person as the Conveyus Prime here.

She-ra & TFs: Galvatron's Tiny Problem by Sheba

Rated: G •
Summary: Set in my fanficverse during the Big Capture of 1999/2006 timeline.  Galvatron learns a lesson in vulnerability and helping others, because of course he does, since this is a She-ra Princess of Power crossover.

The Cybertron Chronicles: Episode One-The Ultimate Doom by bw

Rated: G • half-star
Summary: The Cybertron Chronicles will fill in some of the blanks that the TV show and comic gave us. Episode one parallels the events of the TV three-part episode The Ultimate Doom, specifically the Cybertron side Autobots reconnection with Optimus Prime and th

The French Bug by Crystine

Rated: G • starstarstarstarstar
Summary: Heroic Decepticons AU. Autobots and Decepticons alike are plagued by a strange affliction. Will they be able to reverse its effects before it's too late?

Where Angels Fear To Tread by Rob_Jung

Rated: G • starstarstarstarhalf-star
Summary: Galvatron's perfect plan to defeat the Autobots runs into an unexpected complication -- the Junkions.