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Grapple (G1)


Facelift by Dirge

Rated: G • starhalf-star
Summary: Hauler was yellow in the cartoon (More Than Meets The Eye Part 1), 19 years later we got a "Roadhauler" toy in green - who is meant to be the same character. This is the story of how one became the other.

One Of The Few by ProwlsGirl

Rated: G •
Summary: (G1 fic) After going to Cybertron on a mission, Prowl had gotten captured by Shockwave when he just gotten there.  The Decepticon that was left on Cybertron thought to test out a new computer virus Megatron had order him to create for the Autobots on Prowl.  While the new virus start at Prowl’s systems, can Prowl escape?

Rise of the Decepticons - Episode 2: The Nemesis Army Part 2 by Crystine

Rated: Adult •

Heroic Decepticons AU. Episode 2 in series: Rise of the Decepticons, part 2 of 3. As the battle to save Iacon continues, the Decepticons discover how the Nemesis Army was created.

Shadow of the Guardian by Sheba

Rated: G •

This story is part one of a collaborative effort between myself and Conveyus-Prime. It takes place in my fanfic universe where magic is quite real and Starscream is protected by an Organic Transformer named Sheba. This takes place in the "Prisoner of Destiny" timeline, after the events of "Magic Adventures".

BTW, Conveyus-Prime is NOT the same person as the Conveyus Prime here.